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A Christmas Poem or two

Posted by appolus on December 21, 2013


As we approach the edge of Glory
the universe itself
it simply has an ending
but of You there is no end

As we step into Your presence
The worlds are all consumed
For you are not contained by all that there is
You’re the Revelation and The Genesis

At the edge of all there is
All the worlds, all the skies, the universe
Is to stand on the shore of Your vastness
And gaze upon a sea that never ends

It’s the beginning of all of You
Simply beyond our comprehension
Yet in an effort to be reconciled
You came to us as a helpless child

Hark the herald angels sing
Unto you this day a child is born
He is the essence of all that there is
Born to be betrayed by a single kiss

Yet a Door was opened
That no power can ever shut
It’s the Door that leads to glory
It is the gospel story

And this Door is found
In the valley with the river of tears
The Hope and the Glory of all mankind
And this Door is your destiny to find

Destiny and Glory stepped down
The finite consumed by the infinite
Now mortal can glimpse immortality
By gazing upon the One who set us free

The Door, the Door, the Door to our heart
Is open and its Glory shines forth
Step through this Door step onto the shore
Of the Sea that goes on forevermore.


Our Lord He came from the glories above
He came to earth with a heart full of love
And choirs of heavenly angels sang
As the bells of upper Hades rang

Oh joyous night Oh Christ divine
A star in heaven, a heavenly sign
For Christ the Lord is born today
He came to show the world the way

He came to set the prisoners free
He came that every eye might see
A light at the end of a tunnel deep
A glorious harvest ready to reap

Consider this babe so innocent and pure
He has come to make your salvation sure
Lift up this child in your heart tonight
Lift up your eyes to a glorious sight

Behold your King is born today
Fall to your knees,worship and pray
For unto you a child is born
Behold the darkness gives way to dawn

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