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Posted by appolus on December 5, 2013

God is and has called His children out of darkness into His marvelous light, the light of freedom. God’s remnant children have labored for most of their lives burdened by a heavy yoke of slavery. How tragic to find that the yoke of bondage came from the same source from which they were originally freed. Religion, is the deadliest enemy of Gods freed children. It spies out their liberty and seeks, with much patience oftentimes , to again enslave and control. In these days, God is releasing a generation to come forth and live in the freedom that He has called them too. The shackles of the old religious systems are being exposed and broken down. The strange thing is, it can be scary to begin to think for oneself and to walk into open fields of freedom having been so restrained for so long. He who the Son has set free is free indeed. Free to walk with Him, free to be taught by Him, free to hear Him, free to be directed by Him

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