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I asked for a rose

Posted by appolus on December 19, 2013

I want to rest in the arms of your love
I want to soar with the eagles above
I want to spread my wings
And fly to where the angels sing

I want to lay down in pastures green
I want to go where I’ve never been
To simply rest in the knowledge of you
Is all that I want to do

I want to go to that place of rest
A place of refuge from trial and test
To the mountaintop in the valley so low
That’s the place that I want to go

I want to be found in the depths of you
To fly in the sky above so blue
I want to walk into the Father’s heart
And from there never be apart

You brought light to the darkness in me
You touched me and set me free
Your thoughts of me are beyond measure
This knowledge is my heavenly treasure

I asked for a rose and you gave me a garden
In the depths of my sin you brought me a pardon
And you have forever set me free
And gave me eyes that can truly see.

11 Responses to “I asked for a rose”

  1. Susanne Schuberth (Germany) said


    Your arms, they gently shelter me
    From blame, and fear, and misery
    You understand what others don’t
    You saw my need which others won’t

    You give me peace in hardships now
    You ease my pain and touch somehow
    The deepest depths inside of me
    Indeed, my love, you’ve set me free

    To climb the mountains by your side
    To bridge the gap where there’s divide
    To care for wounds of these depressed
    Who suffer until they are blessed

    By You, Oh God, my only One
    My Lord, my one and only Son
    Of Him who fills the universe
    With awesome powers that traverse

    The smallest and the biggest parts
    Be that a plant, be that our hearts
    Oh, Father, Daddy, You are Love
    Your hands they cherish, never shove

    You are the Light, there is no dark
    Behind the veil, inside the ark
    You only see the garden there
    Where roses melt into the air…

    Could be continued, I guess… 😉
    Thank you, Frank, for posting an experience-driven template my verses could build upon.

    sister Susanne

    • Susanne Schuberth (Germany) said

      Correction, there is a comma missing:

      By You, oh God, my only One
      My Lord, my one and only, Son

      Without the comma “My Lord, my one and only Son” it would seem that I talk about my only son who already lives with Jesus in Heaven.

      • appolus said

        Thank you Susanne for those wonderful verses. He is so all in all that we could write about Him until there was not room enough in the whole world to hold all the pages, do you not agree? God bless you sister…………..bro Frank

        • Susanne Schuberth (Germany) said

          I agree completely, dear brother. Honestly I have waited all day long 😉 that you would take the poem further, as to its third part, so to speak. Well, why not starting to fill the pages before the universe is done? 🙂
          Blessings as always………….. SisiSu

    • appolus said


      You are the Lord who healeth me
      Eyes that were shut they now can see
      The lame they walk , they dance and sing
      And fall prostrate before their King

      You walk with me through every night
      And in my battle you stand and fight
      And when I can go on no more
      You come and heal me and restore

      Like a sheep that’s fallen down
      You come to me and I am found
      You lift me up and carry me
      Because I cried so tearfully

      In my darkest days you bring me light
      When I cannot see you give me sight
      When I’m hungry you feed my soul
      When I’m broken you make me whole

      When I think of you I feel so small
      You’ll have all of me or not at all
      I give to you my everything
      And to your throne my soul I bring

      You are the wings that carry me
      Across the rivers and over the sea
      You are my joy, my peace and my love
      When I sleep you are the one I dream of

      When I awake my thoughts are of you
      The one who is always faithful and true
      You are my world, my life my sanity
      Everything is you, all else is vanity

  2. Susanne Schuberth (Germany) said

    Just in case someone has been wondering how I came to know that my son already lives WITH Jesus (as I said in one of my comments above), one might check out my short testimony as for that topic (cf. my comments over there at http://theoldadam.com/2014/01/07/our-lutheran-theology/).
    One might also say,

    “Here’s my key
    A freak like me
    Just needs infinity”
    (Guru Josh Project, “Infinity 2008”)

    Or in other more poetic words,

    “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” (1 Cor 15:55 – KJV)

    (Seemingly) off-topic question, Frank. 😉
    I just wanted to ask you whether you get any hits from Indonesia or India…? Would be very interesting for me to know. Thanks bro……….sis Susanne
    BTW, do you happen to know the multicultural German R + B group “Bro’sis”? 🙂 . In 2002 they published for example the following song: “Heaven must be missing an angel…”

    • appolus said

      HI Susanne, yes I do get hits from India and Indonesia. In a typical month I get hits from about 130 countries. I used to get hits from China, then they closed me down. I know that because the hits just stopped one time and I went to an independent site who can tell if you have been banned by pinging that particular country on your behalf. I did not know about that group sis, I will check them out………bro Frank

  3. Susanne Schuberth (Germany) said

    Thanks so much for this information, bro. 😉
    Sorry to hear about your blog having been somehow “shunned” by China, but I do hope things will get better soon. As far as I know, despite – or even because of – the ongoing persecution of Christians, the share of Christians in the Chinese population has grown immensely. Thus the government has been confronted with the fact of losing the support of a great amount of the Chinese people if they go on persecuting them due to their “rebellious” belief. Meanwhile, it is stated that there are even unregulated Christian micro-blogs in China. However, what I found astonishing since it is a fact, was the opening of a – hold on tight – PRAYER ROOM for Christians in the futuristic Shenzhen Airport. God’s work, isn’t it…

    As to the R + B group “Bro’Sis” and regarding our flight into the light (the airport issue, so to speak), I was reminded of one of my freaky days on which I wrote a rap instead of a poem (posted on Tullian Tchividjian’s blog, “Cheap Law”, May 31, 2012).
    I only wanted to share this crazy stuff with you without trying to deliver the “melody” because I have not been that successful until now regarding such efforts. If someone is interested in my FFF – first funny failure, that is – one might check out http://charispsallo.wordpress.com/2013/12/19/theres-a-song-in-the-air/#comments
    So, here’s the rap.


    T H E G R A C E R A P
    by Susanne Schuberth (Germany)

    Step one, step two, step…
    This is a rap

    Cheap law, cheap grace,
    Slappin’ in the face
    Followin’ the trace

    This is a rap

    Tryna stay in track
    There’s no goin’ back
    Don’t have a whack

    This is a rap

    His blood wasn’t cheap
    His suffering so deep
    The law He had to keep
    He sowed that He can reap

    This is no gag

    Since grace should be the tag
    On ev’ry Christian’s bag
    No need for one to lag

    Cause He has might
    Not only at first sight
    I know that I’m right

    For Jesus is the Light

    Shinin’ in the night
    Clearin’ up the sight
    Makin’ life so bright

    For His beloved Bride

    In Spirit do abide
    No failure is to hide
    So love will grow inside

    Since He is the Guide

    Who ascended to the height
    Is sittin’ at the right
    Of the Father of all Light

    Returned in Spirit’s might
    Poured Heaven’s pure delight
    In hearts that will excite

    And Gospel re-ignite

    On this divine journey, you mustn’t rap or rhyme
    Always keep it flying high in the sky of LOVE
    Until LIFE eternal takes you home
    Just enjoy and…

    Have a nice flight.


    Sincerely……….freaky sis Susanne

    • Susanne Schuberth (Germany) said

      Phew! Another correction comment…

      It should read, ” On this divine journey, you needn’t rap nor rhyme”

      Thx bro………..sis 😉

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