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The presence of God and the glory of the Psalms

Posted by appolus on August 21, 2012

Hi saints, if you have been coming to this site for any length of time you will know that I have two passions. One is the presence and the glory of God, and the other is poetry which I write when I feel moved of the Lord. I have just published a book called ” A poem for every Psalm” which combines these passions. The first part of the book is every Psalm followed by a poem the Lord gave me and asked me to write. The second part of the book speaks to the presence of the Lord . You can find this book here………….  https://www.createspace.com/3900708

Can also be found at……… www.amazon.com


Inside this book the author hopes that you will find words of life. The Psalms have been speaking to people down through the ages. They speak to every emotion and of course most of them are written by a man after God’s own heart. King David knew what it meant to dance unashamedly before His God and he also knew what it meant to plummet the depths of despair. From victory to murder, from faithfulness to adultery, from shepherd boy to glorious King, David lived a remarkable life. And out of that life we have the Psalms. 2011 was one of the darkest years of my Christian life. And it was that year that the Lord asked me to write a poem for every Psalm. It made no sense to me at the time but I was obedient to that small still voice. And so hopefully these poems have captured the rawness of my dark valley but also the brilliance of the presence of the Lord. And it is on that subject that part two of this book attempts to speak to, the presence of God. I want to make the reader hungry for the presence of God. I want the reader to cry out, just as in the Psalms ” As the deer panteths for the waterbrooks so my soul longeth after thee.’

2 Responses to “The presence of God and the glory of the Psalms”

  1. oldpathsmag said

    Great to see you accomplish this brother, may it encourage many weary pilgrims to the refreshing streams of God’s presence on our sojourn in this earthly desert – Greg Gordon

    • appolus said

      Thank you brother, I pray, that if the Lord tarries and long after I am gone, that whatever we write will still be encouraging people to walk with the Lord and the beauty of His Holiness…………….bro Frank

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