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God is building a Spiritual house-Alan Martin

Posted by appolus on August 23, 2012

God is building His LIFE in us by His Spirit. He is building the “Spirit of unity” among His people, a people united not by a location, or common interest – but a people joined to the same source of eternal life – His Son Jesus Christ. This “spiritual union” is what God is building, not the form it might express itself in which can vary greatly. For example, not all believers will be joined in the same location, or gather at the same time, but God is building a “spiritual house” where every believer is joined together in Christ to form one people, one body. God builds this “spiritual unity” continually, universally, amidst great variety in the forms it may take.

God is building His “spiritual house” through means of His own “spiritual love” being shed abroad in hearts by His Holy Spirit. His own “spiritual love” is the “bond of perfection” that joins all of His children together into one body. The body of Christ is His spiritual house where He abides in the midst of His people at all times. This spiritual house is not confined to physical walls or hindered by different time zones. In every place, at every time, His Spirit is shedding abroad His love to form a perfect bond between His spiritual sons and daughters – His people are His house. This spiritual bond of love may take the form of corporate gatherings in a designated location at a designated time. It also manifests itself in time shared among spiritual brothers and sisters in Christ or even in private intercessions where an individual saint is lifting up others in the spiritual family. The spiritual bond of love is expressed in many ways but it all works perfectly together toward the same end – the building of His spiritual house.

God is building His own spiritual house through the means of His own governing spiritual peace. The peace of Christ is another element composing the bond of our unity in Christ. Believers in different places, fulfilling different vocations and callings are enabled to live in harmony through the peace of Christ ruling in their hearts. The peace of Christ builds a brotherhood of liberty where the members of the same house that God is building can be diverse, yet one. God’s peace governs through a spiritual liberty unlike the world. Through His own peace working in His children, brothers and sisters seek a mutual voluntary submission to each other rather than a coerced submission from an oppressive authority structure. God is building a spiritual house where His sons and daughters have ceased to study war and learned to dwell together FOR one another – never against.

God is building His spiritual house of “holiness”, a place where those in His Spirit are set apart from the spirit of the world. This house is being built by the fruit of His own Spirit rather than the elements of the world. God’s house is a place where His sons and daughters can enjoy a sanctuary of spiritual rest even in the midst of a troubled and perverted world. His house is primarily different in its nature rather than its appearance. Those who are being built into this spiritual house are givers rather than takers. They are more willing to lose and be wronged rather than defend themselves and their possessions. The house God is building is a generation of sons and daughters who are being transformed from their former carnal natures into the image of His own pure spiritual life. The physical differences can be so varied as to prevent all attempts to adequately define them, but the spiritual qualities common among those who are part of His house are found everywhere He is building.

Are we looking for the house God is building? We might find it in a place called a “church”, but there is no guarantee that God’s house will be found in buildings built for that purpose. A portion of God’s house might be found in places called churches, as long as there are some there who are truly alive in His Spirit. The only sure way to find the house that God is building is to find the architect who is building it. Everyone who truly finds spiritual life in Jesus Christ will find the house God is building and the treasures found in this house are so common they are universal. God’s spiritual house is being built in every country, every time zone, among every nationality. On the outside it might look very different, but at its core, His own spiritual love, peace, liberty and holiness will be found in every member, in every place.

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