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Falling tears

Posted by appolus on August 29, 2012

Can the rain fall from cloudless skies
Can your tears fall from hardened eyes
I cried out to the Lord , in my time of need
I prayed for the rain, my soul to feed

And my God, who is never far away
Opened up His heart as He listened to me pray
And from heaven on high He sent down the rain
There’s a river of grace that’s gonna wash away the pain

And out of my heart flows a river so deep
My once dry eyes they now continually weep
And everywhere the river flows there’s grace from above
And everyone it touches they are filled with His love

This rain that falls , it falls from endless blue skies
It fills my empty heart and falls down from my eyes
The Lord Himself sent down the rain from above
And now the cloudless skies are filled with clouds of His love

So if it’s rain your looking for, this moment, today
Wont you fall down on your knees and cry out and pray
The Lord of every rain drop that falls down from above
Will sweep you down the river to an ocean of love

This ocean is boundless, its forever and a day
And in this sea of beauty you will hear the Lord say
I am the Father’s tears that was shed from above
And I will carry you home across this ocean of love

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