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A wingless bird?

Posted by appolus on September 5, 2012

We dwell in thee Oh God
As the fish dwells in the sea
We find our place in you
As a lock is to a key

To walk outside your presence
Is like a bird that has no wings
This bird that cannot fly
Is the bird that cannot sing

When we have left our first love
Then we stand outside the door
When this lion opens up its mouth
This lion finds it cannot roar

To dwell in any other place
Than deep within His heart
Is to stand upon the platform
And watch the train depart

Oh Lord we find our place in you
As the bird soars in the sky
If our place is not in you
Then we must surely die

Can a fish live out of water?
Can the wingless bird begin to fly?
Could a flower bloom in perpetual darkness?
Or would the flower surely die?

You are the wings that give us flight
You are the Sun that ends the night
You are the waters of the deep
You are the harvest that we reap

I am your exceeding great reward
Seek me with all your heart
Dwell with Me, your King, your Lord
And we shall never be apart

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