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The condition of the heart-Gospel Fellowships video

Posted by appolus on November 18, 2013

You can find Gospel Fellowships at http://www.gospelfellowships.net and https://www.facebook.com/gfellowships

17 Responses to “The condition of the heart-Gospel Fellowships video”

  1. suez62 said

    Thanks, but I am no longer allowed to be on Facebook! Orders from the Lord!! 🙂

  2. suez62 said

    Of coarse I didn’t see any in Iowa, let alone my city…:-( It is a bad area!!!

    • appolus said

      Well, perhaps you could become a contact point? 🙂 The map only started a couple of months ago. Hoping to get people in every state and every town. The Lord knows………………bro Frank

      • suez62 said

        Sure, that would be fine. But, I can’t be a teacher of men, as I am a woman. But if anyone from here was looking to have a fellowship or Bible study, that would be great!!!

        • appolus said

          Hi sister, we are not looking for teachers 🙂 We are looking for like-minded believers who want to gather together. The rest is the Lord’s work. He leads and guides and we trust Him………..bro Frank

    • Eileen Teitsworth said

      Suez62 I am in Iowa

  3. steffiedotorg said

    This was a nice surprise. I didn’t see anything in my area on the fellowship website but I’m so happy to know that God has raised so many people up all over the place to make themselves available for small group meetings to draw closer to God and support and encourage one another in the faith.

    I do feel “alone”, people has told me I’m “obsessed” because I seem to have the Lord on my mind continually, but that’s an answer to my prayer and even though it’s brought loneliness with people, it’s brought closeness with Jesus. I’ll be praying for something local to come together in my area and many others where people are hungry for more of God.

    Also, thank you for this message.. I had not heard it taught in this way and it’s a refreshing perspective that rings true with what the Lord has already been teaching me in my private time with Him.

    Many blessings.

    • suez62 said

      Hi, sister, Praise the Lord, he is leading you! It can be a very lonely walk! I understand completely of the loneliness! I’m not in a church, as most around here are either Word of Faith, or New Age type, or completely dead!!! Keep up the good fight of faith, for one day, it will be worth it all!! Bless you, sue

    • appolus said

      Amen Steffie………………….bro Frank

  4. W.E. Smith said

    My precious brother – My sense deep in the spirit, from His heart, is that He is not drawing with tender cords a remnant of those who merely want to be taught something, but those who without fear, are willing and wanting and pining to place their head upon His beating heart. Oh to feel the tremor of His heart my brother, to be so intimately aligned and unified and one with Him that His very heart beats in us, oh how precious is the fellowship of such as these.

    Do you feel it my brother, deep down where spirit touches bone? Do you know of that which I speak?

    While so many in this hour have merely a proof text, a bible verse, some carnal religious sentiment – the true remnant, ah, they have a testimony of sublime intimacy. They know the Father, through His Son. They have touched the divine, and His spirit and flow through them as living waters.

    • suez62 said

      Praise God, Brother Smith, I have so often wanted to place my head upon Jesus chest, and have him hold me as a mother holds her child. Funny you should say that!!! I love him so!!!

      • suez62 said

        Or, I should say Father holds his child. What I meant was the closeness to being held by him, and just basking in his arms, and his love. Sorry if anyone took that wrong. I sometimes don’t say things in a proper way I guess…:-)

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