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Where Mountains Crumble

Posted by appolus on November 15, 2013

When the mountain is insurmountable
And there is no way ahead
My mind drifts back to Calvary
Where my Savior died and bled

When all around is darkness
And it seems I’ve lost my way
Your light it shines from heaven
And gives me strength for one more day

When there are tears upon my pillow
And the night has lost its song
I lift my eyes unto the throne
And I see where I belong

I belong here in your presence
You bid me walk on through the door
To stand at the right hand of your glory
Where your blessings are forevermore

And in your presence mountains crumble
And tumble, falling to the sea
As I stand before your glory
Where I shall ever be

The darkness has receded
It fled away from you
The light of heaven shines on me
And the sky above is blue

Your presence dries up all my tears
And in my heart there sings a song
Of the Lord that came and died for me
To whom I now belong

5 Responses to “Where Mountains Crumble”

  1. Hope said

    If I had seen this poem in the book of Psalms, it would have fit right in. You have a gift… Thank you for sharing this. Your love of the Lord shines brightly. 🙂

  2. steffiedotorg said

    I thought these were the verses of a hymn. I’d no idea you’d written it yourself until I got to the comments.

    I agree with Hope. This is a lovely Psalm, even if not penned by King David. Holy Spirit inspired praise. Very beautiful.

  3. Tanya said


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