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Broken pieces-broken people …….A poem for broken people

Posted by appolus on August 17, 2012

Broken pieces, broken people
Everywhere I go
How d’ya get to be so broken
It’s only God who knows

What d’ya have to listen to
In the early years
Pierced by many sorrows
filled with many tears

What d’ya have to witness
In the darkest night
Your soul it took in everything
despite your eyes shut tight

You’re ten thousand broken pieces
Which no one else can see
How ya gonna fix your soul
that’s longing to be free

All of the kings horses
And all of the kings men
Could not put the pieces back
back together again

You must gather up your pieces
and come before the throne
Kings and Princes cannot help
Your help’s in God alone

He will take what’s shattered
the pieces in His hand
He’ll undo all the sorrows
so you once more can stand

Now that which once was broken
and filled with many tears
stand’s whole before the throne of grace
despite the locust’s years

All the years the locust ate
He now restores to you
The darkness of the endless years
replaced with skies so blue

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