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Who weeps for the children? A poem for the children of Connecticut

Posted by appolus on December 14, 2012

The heavens are clothed with blackness
And the sun has fled away
Who will weep for all the children
On this most terrible day

My heart is so thoroughly broken
And is wounded in so many ways
Who can heal this broken heart of mine
On this most awe-full of days

I will cast my eyes to the heavens
As this world tears away at my soul
And my eyes will pierce the darkness
Even as this horror takes its toll

My only hope is in the Son above
Despite all the darkness around
And I will remember the children
And in His arms they shall be found

Suffer the children to come unto me
In my arms they shall surely be blessed
And woe unto them that harm these ones
Their soul shall never find rest

Better a millstone around their necks
And they be cast into the sea
For those who harm these little ones
Will suffer eternally

Take hold of my hand you mom and dads
My heart weeps to see such pain
Hold onto hope and let not love die
You will see your little ones again

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