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He disarmed the powers that held us captive.

Posted by appolus on January 24, 2023

Col 2:9  For in him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.

And this Scripture goes on to say that ” you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power.” The scripture here quoted. comes from a chapter that is warning us about the dangers of religion. There is fullness in Christ alone. Only in Christ alone can we walk this narrow path. Only in Christ alone can we ever live to serve Him. It is He who is above all things and it is in Him that we find our place in the Body. It has nothing to do with “your church.” It is quite apart from the traditions of your fathers and the commandments and doctrines of men which appear to be wise and humble, but which have no affect whatsoever in your ongoing walk and battle that you have been called to.

We have been called into this fullness, into the depths of the Fathers heart wherein lie the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. The treasures of a burning heart that is set on fire by the all consuming love of the Lord Jesus Christ which is manifested by the Holy Spirit. We are called to live an abundant life in Christ, which comes from a life rooted and built up in Him where the fruit of our lips is the praise of God and where thanksgiving is the seat of all our affections. We were buried with the Lord Jesus Christ in baptism and we were raised with Him by grace, through faith in the living God. We are now dead to the world and the life we used to live and alive together with Him because He wiped out all our previous debts, having nailed them to the cross. We are, quite simply, debt free. Praise Jesus. Those principalities and powers that laid claim to us through sin, the Lord Jesus Christ triumphed over them. He disarmed them and humiliated them by His very own willing sacrifice.

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  2. Stephen said

    I appreciated your comments this morning. I love that you point out the centrality of Christ concerning our fullness and completeness. It seems like ‘knowledge for knowledge sake’ is of paramount importance to some. All they care to discuss are the issues that mean to divide the church–proving that the doctrines of men may distract us from the mission of the gospel. I grow weary of having to talk at length about non-essential subjects concerning the doctrines of grace, eschatological timelines/events, and whether or not I fit within dispensationalism or other categorical boundaries. Not that they are not worthy/important matters to discuss, only that such prominent emphasis is placed upon them. You’re right–they have the appearance of wise humility, but they change nothing in the grand scheme of things about our security nor our spiritual growth. Blessings…and may praise and glory be to God and our Lord Jesus Christ!

    • appolus said

      That’s a good word Stephen, the absolute centrality of Jesus living in our beating hearts is the foundation of everything. I also grow weary, often, of men and women who love to complicate everything and mire often that not, every sentence of their complications, is a step in the wrong direction, the destination being deeper into the heart of God……..bro Frank.

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