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Imitate God.

Posted by appolus on January 1, 2023

Eph 5:1-2 Therefore be imitators of God as dear children and walk in love.

How astonishing that we have been called to imitate God and walk in love as Christ also loved us. We are to love as we are loved. God never calls His children to do what they cannot. He has empowered us, enabled us and equipped us to imitate Him in being a sweet sacrifice to God, a sweet smelling aroma. The Love of Jesus was measured by His sacrifice. Calvary is the measure of Gods love. If God called His Son to sacrifice for us, then He is calling His children to imitate Jesus. Not that we are saviors of the world but rather we represent and manifest the living Christ in us to a dark and broken world. When you measure yourself, you must measure yourself against the Lord. Not your pastor or your dear Godly grand father, no, you must measure yourself and your faith against that which is perfect. It is a high calling no doubt. He is our High calling. He is our North star, and just because popular culture would say “what would Jesus do,’ does not make that wrong. Only remember this, we do not have to wonder what Jesus would do, for Jesus dwells within us by the power of the Holy Spirit and has given us His word to lead us and guide us.

And so we are called to walk in love with the same love that Christ loves us with. Walking in love empowered with the truth causes us to walk in light, the very light that shatters the darkness. We know that darkness very well, for we once walked in it. The fruit of the Spirit in us is grounded in goodness and righteousness and truth. These are our weapons, this is the armor we are called to put on. No longer can we walk according to the unfruitful works of darkness, they must have no place in us. We are to put away the former things and rather, put on the fruitful works of the new man. He has filled us with the treasures of heaven in these earthen vessels. He has commanded light to shine out of what was formerly darkness. And the very first place we see the fruits of this light is in our relationships with our wives and husbands. Wives shall submit to their own husbands as unto the Lord and husbands shall love their wives as Jesus loved the Church. Both of these positions are almost always an anathema to the flesh. Whether it is submitting to or loving someone to the point o sacrifice and death, only in Christ and by the power of the Spirit can these attitudes be “put on.” And by the same power the old attitudes must be put away. In all things saints, imitate God and walk in the love of Christ and all its many manifestations.

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