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Burdens lift me higher.

Posted by appolus on December 11, 2022

Burdens are the celestial stairs
That surely lift me higher
For it's right there where I meet my Lord
Who shall take me through the fire. 

Trials are the wings I need to fly
To fly to higher ground
I'll meet the Lord up in the air
To sing with choirs a heavenly sound.

Sufferings draw me ever closer 
I am weak and He is strong
And in the depths of my infirmities
You shall surely hear my song.

It is the song of songs of Calvary
Where my Savior bled and died
And rose again three days hence
And now is glorified.

The daily crosses that I bear
To the world they seem a trial 
But they sharpen me in the inner man
For they'll only last a while

Soon enough I'll breath my last
I'll lay down the burden of my soul
Then stand before the King of Kings 
Where I'll be finally whole. 

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