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Fill me till I overflow

Posted by appolus on December 8, 2022

Fill me till I thirst no more
With living waters from above
Fill me till I overflow 
And it manifests itself in love

Fill me with abundance Lord 
That fills my very soul
Fill the deepest parts of me
And in the filling I'll be whole

Fill me with your presence Lord
Till it flows from the depths of me
Fill me with waters from above
That would fill the deepest sea

Fill me with Your glory Lord
For it surely fills the temple
Fill me with your power Lord
That keeps me strong but gentle

Fill me with Your Light O Lord
Burning brighter than the sun
Remind me of Your victory Lord
That on Calvary was sorely won

Fill me with eternal life
So I'll walk the narrow way
That leads to my celestial home
Where I'll forever stay

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