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We are sons and daughters, we are one in Christ.

Posted by appolus on December 8, 2022

Gal 3:26  For you are all sons of God by faith in Christ Jesus. 

Sons and daughters of the living God. What a tremendous privilege brothers and sisters. Having been baptized into Christ, we now put on Christ. Seems like a strange turn of phrase the Scriptures use but there it is, we put on Christ. In the morning you deliberately get dressed and go out into the world. You put on your clothes. If you are a policeman or solider or fireman or many of the trades, you put on your uniform, you put on your work clothes. A business man or woman? Probably a suit of some kind. In a sense it is part of your identity. It denotes something to others. There are standards of dress and codes that we adhere to. Yet, in the putting on of Christ, we clothe ourselves in His righteousness. We awake in the beauty of His holiness. People can see who we are in Christ oftentimes just by our countenance. “There is just something about him.” “Oh, she is the real deal.” He shines through us. We are clothed inwardly with His holiness and it shines outwardly into a dark world. We are one in Christ. It does not matter if we are “Jew or Greek.” It does not matter if we are,” slave or free.” Neither does it matter if we are male or female for we are all one in Christ! The former boundaries of who we were are swallowed whole in Christ.

We are justified by our trust in Christ and the world can see it. Those who trust the Lord walk with a quiet confidence and dignity. The treasures that the Lord has invested in our earthen vessels are plain enough for all the world to see. You are Abraham’s seed and you are heirs according to the promise made to him, glory to God. Sons and daughters. Covenant children no longer bound by the law but rather graduates in the Kingdom of God, fully qualified in Jesus to walk in Kingdom power. The law was added for transgressions till the Seed came, our glorious Savior. If the law could have given us life and righteousness then salvation would come through it, but it could not, it could but point us to Christ and when He came for those who bowed the knee, they/we were glorious liberated. Imagine going back to something that could not give you life, to a place where your own righteousness was but filthy rags! What was begun in the Spirit shall be finished by the Spirit. It is evident to you and I that Christ was crucified for us and we know this by revelation. It has transformed us. It has saved us. It has redeemed us. It has taken us up to higher ground. It makes us to walk in the greens pastures of His righteousness and holiness. Imagine how foolish it is to think that all of this, which began in the Spirit could now be fulfilled by the works of the law and of the flesh. Never! It is Christ first, last and forever, and only , ever, by the power of the Holy Spirit, sayeth the Lord.

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