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Do not be ignorant in regard to spiritual gifts.

Posted by appolus on October 27, 2022

1Co 12:1  Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant. 

When the Scriptures warn us about not being ignorant or not being deceived, the first thing we should do is sit up and take notice. There is always the danger of being deceived in all manner of teachings but especially in the areas we are being specifically warned about. This of course is the case with what Paul is going to say about the spiritual gifts. I trust you will agree with me when I say that one of the greatest “schisms,” that exists in Christendom is found in the subject of spiritual gifts. It actually creates a division that cannot be bridged. If one denies that there are spiritual gifts or that they no longer operate, then that one finds himself in direct conflict with the Word of God. I would argue that those who are baptized in the Holy Spirit and who operate in their giftings, given by the Holy Spirit Himself,cannot possibly have true and genuine fellowship with those who deny there very existence. For to deny that is to deny the Holy Spirit or to say, as many have, that the gifts are no the work of the Holy Spirit but indeed the devil himself. 

God Himself has apportioned these gifts to men and women and has personally appointed apostles and prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. And every genuine saint has been given a gift so that he or she is a vital part of the ministry of the fellowship. And is therefore used in the edification of the Body in whatever degree the Lord sees fit. The Body of Christ cannot work or be edified outside the plan of God. This is His plan, these are His appointments and these gifts are given by Him. It is the Lord and the Lord alone who is building His Church so than no man can boast. Now this directly confronts and contradicts the man made clergy/laity system. They cannot operate side by side, its not possible. There is one Lord and His name is not “senior pastor.” Jesus alone has the preeminence. He alone guides and directs and feeds His flock through His own appointments and His own gifts. He is entirely in charge. This has been co-opted by men, hijacked if you like. And wherever that happens, men and women begin to spiritually starve. And so we see in our day that the broad swath of of what calls itself Christian is entirely emaciated.

Jesus has created the genuine saints to be united in Him. To be of one mind and one body, held together by the greatest gift of all, love. The world will know us by our love for one another. It whispers in the wind but is heard loudly wherever it is found. We are held together by its bonds. We are bond-servants to love and must stay within its confines. When the gifts are operating in the fellowship, it is an intimate thing. It draws us close to each other. We “know,” each other in ways that cannot be known outside of God’s plan for us. This system that God has created to water His own garden is the only way for genuine growth. Only by His hand can we grow. Only by His hand can we love as we ought to love. Only by His hand could a disparate group of people from a thousand different backgrounds stand together as one. This is His magnificent creation and it only works if we follow His directions. What audacious mind could ever believe that he knows better than God? We must follow God’s directions to the letter and He has clearly laid this out in regard to spiritual gifts. Do not be ignorant in this brothers and sisters. Stay close to the Lord and if men refuse to follow the Lord in this then they must be allowed to wander of. As the old song goes, “if none goes with me, still I will follow.”

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