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Given, set, appointed.

Posted by appolus on October 30, 2022

1Co 12:7  But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all.

The Scriptures plainly teach that the “manifestation of the Spirit,” is given to each one for the profit of all. It is given in such a way that in order that we may learn, in order that we might grow and becomes sons and daughters of the King. Without this edification, how could we grow? If a child is not being nourished properly then it is often referred to as  “failure to thrive.” Failure to thrive is defined as “infants or children that fail to thrive seem to be dramatically smaller or shorter than other children of the same age.” I would argue that we live in a Christian generation that has failed to thrive, Failed to grow. A generation that is more Biblically illiterate than their counterparts from 300 years ago. Despite our instant access to the Word and commentaries and Greek and Hebrew translations, we are the most Biblically illiterate generation for several hundred years. Can I suggest that when we rid ourselves of the “manifestation of the Spirit,” through the gifts that are given to us by God Himself, we could do nothing else but fail to thrive.

In the verse above we see that these gifts are “given,” by God. And then we read in verse 18 that God has “set,” each member of the Body just as it pleased Him. And finally we see in verse 28 that God has “appointed,” those who apostles and prophets, evangelists and teachers and pastors and so on. So we can clearly see that God is intimately involved in ever aspect of His Body. He gives the gifts, He sets the members, He appoints those who are to lead. He does all of that. This is what makes it the Body. This is how we thrive. This is how we are edified, this is how we grow. He takes the foolish things of this world, He transforms them through the new birth, He feeds them milk as babe, He then introduces meat when it can be handled and that one begins to grow. He or she grows up into a son or a daughter of the King. This is all done in the confines of the Body, each part set by Him and moving in the gift given to them. They are led by servant leaders whose entire goal is to see the flock strong and healthy and following Jesus. This is God’s way and it is beautiful. Men so often have entirely different agendas. They may fill a building, but it is a building full of pygmies.

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