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Rend the heavens Oh Lord.

Posted by appolus on September 27, 2022

Isa 64:1  Oh that You would rend the heavens, that you would come down, that the mountains might shake at thy presence,

This is the cry of the broken hearted. This cry is not made from some comfortable place, it comes from a place of desperation, a place where there is no where left to turn. Disaster is all around and unless God literally splits the skies and shakes the mountains and turns them into rivers of fire then we are done. David knew this desperation. The children of Israel knew this desperation with their backs to the sea and an army that was about to massacre them. This places exists in time and space, it is not from the vain imaginations of men but comes into view when men suddenly realize that without God then all is lost. Oh that Christendom would cry out in such a fashion! Imagine a church on its knees not willing to get up because to get up is to walk on into certain death. We use this Scripture as some kind of beautiful adornment and yet it describes a place of utter desperation and hopelessness.

His presence opens up the skies. It splits them down the middle and brilliants shafts of light come forth and fall upon earth in the fashion of falling lava. The mountains crumble and fall into the sea when God comes forth. The dead spring to life and valleys of dry dead bones rise up and form an army that marches forth. Suddenly with life, suddenly with strength in their bones and suddenly with the breath of God in their lungs. We have fallen in the valley and we are not desperate enough to cry out to God. We have withered away and our dry bleached bones shine in a macabre scene that testifies to our death. Are you desperate church? Are you really? Can you see your own state? God forgive our complacency as the world all around us slips away into an eternal darkness and we are too busy slapping each other on our backs. Religion looks and is quite satisfied with what it sees and will tell you of their works. The broken-hearted saint will cry out ………Oh that the whole world would shake at your presence Lord. That mountains would fall into the sea and those very seas would boil at your glory. Oh that the heavens above would spill open and mighty rivers of Your power would come forth and lift up the hungry and the desperate, and sweep away all Godlessness in Your magnificent justice.

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