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Are you a quiet quitter?

Posted by appolus on August 20, 2022

The term “quiet quitting,” is a relatively new term and for the most part, would be unknown to most baby-boomers. It is a phenomenon among today’s generation and its spreading quickly. In essence, quiet quitting means not going above and beyond at work. Showing up, ticking the necessary boxes, doing just enough to cover yourself and guarantee your salary. Notions of loyalty and ambition to climb the corporate ladder are forgone in favor of pursuing that which personally fulfills you. Now some may say that this describes lazy workers that have been among us in every generation, those who do just enough to get by. That may be true of some of the quiet quitters, yet our younger generations have grown up in ease and they expect that their personal ambitions and desires should be fulfilled.

Is this what decadence looks like? We are far removed from the pre-war generation who lived through a decade of dire poverty and want. Who then passed on their attitudes to the baby-boomers and they in turn lived them out to a lesser degree but who wanted much more for their children and grandchildren. The faint echos of  a bygone age are now drowned out by the aspirations of the decadent who are on the march, not helped by the fact that they are just about to inherit the greatest fortune every gathered by any generation in the history of the world. Perhaps if we knew just a little more about the Fall of Rome we would be able to see our own rapid decline in the luxurious desires of a generation that knows little if anything about struggle?

What puts steel in the backbone of any generation is a certain amount of suffering, the experience of doing without. The desire to rise up above unfavorable circumstances builds in men and women something of what we saw in “the greatest generation.” They came out of the farms, many of which had been ruined by the dust bowl, and they came out of the mean cities where one had to really compete just to put a roof over the head and food on the table. These circumstance gave us the strength to overcome the axis powers of evil and save civilization. There were no safe spaces on the battle-field. No special toilets for those who were confused about their gender. They did not have the luxury of quiet quitting. Everything was put on the line and many paid the ultimate price.

In the church today, Christendom is full of quiet quitters. Those who do just enough to get by. Who show up to a service and tick the box. Who have desires and aspirations quite apart from serving God. Who would claim that they are just not being fulfilled by their life. Who would be horrified at the prospect of suffering for the cause of Christ. Who would perhaps curse God because of great loss. Where are the warriors for Christ? Where is the Church militant? Is there any cause worth dying for in a generation that only sees God as a means to an end? Where is the generation of the cross? Where are the people who willingly step forward to go above and beyond their own selfish desires and whose highest ambition is to serve God on this battlefield of life? If your fulfillment in this life is more important to you than the job that the Lord has assigned you, and you are a quiet quitter, then is it any wonder that we live our lives in shades of grey? Chasing rainbows rather than seeking God is a sure sign that you are an entrenched quiet quitter in the spiritual walk of life.

6 Responses to “Are you a quiet quitter?”

  1. So True! I am a Baby boomer and appreciate learning about the new terminology. Its quite sad. John from Maine

  2. Anonymous said


  3. PETERINA. said

    Wow,what a soul shaking word,to the remnant,the sleeping giant,the church of the Lord Jesus Christ,we must awaken.or perish,Lord we need a fresh awakening,to Your battle cry,to arise put on the whole armour of God,especially ,the sword of the spirit,standing as one,we need You,we need each other,come Holy Spirit,come,undergrad Your people Lord Jesus,in Your Name,for Your glory ,Amen and Amen..

  4. Lisa said

    The subject of this blog is one that comes up often in my own household. Being of the generation X, with my husband being a boss at his job and a boss of other bosses, this is a subject he feels very passionate about. So it’s talked about alot at my house, especially when he needs to vent his frustrations…which is often.

    This title you used though, “quiet quitting”, is new to me, I have never heard of it before. Interesting way of looking at it I suppose. We call it the snowflake generation. A generation of weak and lazy, grossly immoral, carnal, greedy, selfish, self-centered, egotistical, stupid, and callous people. An engineered generation full of narcissists and psychopaths. And some of them even wear Christian t-shirts and have the name of Jesus on their lips. This is all by design of course, it is no accident. When you study it out you will see a spiritual octopus of networking going on, if you will. All caused by the principalities, the powers, and the spiritual wickedness in high places.

    As a whole, the church by large has failed to do it’s job. The Lord showed me years ago, it began when they banned the spiritual gift of discerning of spirits at their doors. That gift is so vital, so precious. It was meant to be the armed security forces at work, so long as it is allowed to be in operation. That gift checks everything at the door. If it ain’t right, it can’t come in. If what ain’t right slips in and begins manifesting itself and acting up, it gets tossed out on it’s ear and is made an example of. But the gift has been cast off, resulting in churches for the most part having been infiltrated…by the enemy. To use Jesus’ words, they tied up the strong man.

    Then you have the attacks on all of the rest of society. The sexual revolution and rebellion in the 60s. Women were targeted with the women’s liberation movement, families targeted and under attack. Unwanted pregnancies and children born out of wedlock. Divorce was made easier and divorces skyrocketed resulting in broken homes and broken people raising broken children. Murder and child sacrifices to demons now legalized in every state and nation called Abortion.

    Then it was the education systems that were infiltrated. Then came Dr. Spock who was greatly instrumental on changing the way children were disciplined and managed. The governments of course from top to bottom, the health industry, entertainment industry and on and on. Then women came under attack again with the disgusting feminist movement, and today it’s the men under heavy assault. The gender roles have it seems been reversed. Order is absolute disorder. Instead of parents governing the homes, it’s now the children who run them. Showering love and attention on children in an unhealthy way has turned into worship. Literal worship. I have former friends who have been this way. They worship the children, the children are given everything. There are no chores or allowances anymore, no teaching proper conducts, proper work ethics and responsibilities. The wife works while the husband who is quite capable stays home, or if both parents work and someone needs to work a second job, it’s the wife who does that instead of the husband, and the children are in charge and running things and rule the households. Absolute disorder and chaos from top to bottom. None by accident. Now we have women taking on the role of men and the men are immasculated and weak and all the devils of hell have their way all they want. Kids grow up without proper structure, zero critical thinking skills, lower IQ’s, confused about what is right and what is wrong, what is good and healthy and proper and what is not good and unhealthy and improper. And I could keep going on and on probably for days. I’ve already written alot.

    Many called out ones agree. That if the church had been doing what she should have been doing all along, being salt and light, fighting with guts and grit the enemy of our souls in prayer and in our every day lives, we might not be where we are at here in human history at this time. It’s a shame and a disgrace to us. Because of the church not being what she should have been and what she should be even now, and I don’t excuse myself from this, I include myself, we make it appear to the unsaved as if good really can’t overcome evil. As if our God is weak, or doesn’t care, and has no power. Talk to young people. Ask them questions. This is what they will tell you. This is why the younger generation who might seek after God is not serving him. Because of the reputation WE THE CHURCH have given him. We have dishonored the name of God and become a disgrace. I’m sorry to say it, but somebody has to say it. The Lord our God loves his people. But just as it was in Jesus’ day, so it is today. They honor him with their lips, but their hearts are far from him. They honor him with their speech and the Christian imagery clothing and jewelry they wear, and the songs that they sing, but they DIShonor him with their LIVES. Hypocrites.

    Sorry this was so long, brother Frank and saints. But this is a hard subject that the Lord has caused my soul to be very passionate about. Nobody likes to hear it. And I don’t like saying it. But it’s part of my spiritual gifts. I know I don’t speak as often as I should. Whenever I do I come under the fire of hell, I can count on it. And I get beat up, bloodied and bruised. Speaking the truth boldly is not easy. It comes with consequences. It always does.

    Love and grace and peace to all the saints. Straighten up. Be good soldiers for Jesus Christ. Begin in your HOMES! ✝️ Let Christ
    Jesus have his proper place in us and with us. Let him rule in our hearts and in our homes.

    • appolus said

      I say amen to everything that you have written sister. There is nothing you have said that I disagree with. I have tried in my own small way to address these issues in my writings for the last 15 years or more. There is a cost to pay no doubt, by challenging principalities and powers. Yet so few are willing to pay the price. God bless you Lisa, my sister in Christ……..bro Frank.

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