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Who is this Jesus?

Posted by appolus on August 12, 2022

Today we are being driven by the form and not the substance. Jesus is the substance. Jesus is the primary object. Jesus is the preeminent one. Without Him high and lifted up, front and center, without His presence in our midst we only have a form. A religious structure built by human hands to house our own desires. We have abandoned the real Jesus and constructed another Jesus. This other Jesus serves us. He serves our needs and desires, he entertains us through his creators. This other Jesus has never carried a cross nor does he require his followers to carry one either.

This cultural Jesus is a mere reflection of his adherents. He never judges, he never corrects. He has no particular requirements. He is a genie in a bottle even although they vigorously rub and he never appears. He does not walk with them, they walk alone. He does not talk to them, they merely engage their own imaginations. He lies to them through the prism of their souls. They hear him say peace and prosperity. He is a reflection of the better part of their natures and they do not realize that the better part of their natures is like filthy rags to the true and living God.

If these people ever actually encountered the true and the living Christ He would devastate them and upturn their lives. Everything they know or thought they knew would come crashing down. A God who judges? Hear the screams. A God who calls them to enter into His sufferings? Hear the wails. A God who requires their whole lives, their whole hearts, their whole allegiances? They writhe in agony. The flesh that refuses to die is enmity to God. He bids that flesh to voluntarily pick up its cross, the means of its own death. It shall surrender or it will rage against the author of the cross.

The narrow path never deviates as it winds its way home. It is fraught with danger. It slowly strips away all of the baggage that we took with us for our journey. It tears away at the flesh and passes through refining fires and floods. It often winds it way through hot and arid deserts. The narrow path has many exits and every exist is a path of least resistance. As soon as one steps onto it one can hear the haunting intoxicating sound of the siren call as it draws that one away from the narrow path.

For those who stay the course and stay on the narrow path, every so often, always suddenly, the Lord comes to us. He reminds us that we are His, He encourages us. He bids us look down and see that the path itself is the Word of God and that the path lights up and directs us in the way that we should go. We are instructed to turn neither to the left nor to the right. The Lord embraces us in His love and His kindness.

He heals our wounds, He tenderly touches our weary hearts. He feeds the deepest parts of us and sustains us for the journey. He restores the brokenhearted and gives strength to the weary. He gives us hope when there seems to be no hope. He gives us joy when there is nothing at all to be joyful about. He gives us a garment of praise and takes away a heavy spirit. He bids us to lift up our eyes and see the celestial city, from where our help comes from. Stay the course brothers and sisters. Stand fast in the time of our vexation. Our Lord is coming soon and our journey will be at an end.

5 Responses to “Who is this Jesus?”

  1. Anonymous said

    Amen..thanks for the encouragement..

  2. Lisa said

    This was so good. So true. Many believers today who call themselves Christians don’t know the true Jesus. They don’t know the elemental doctrines of the faith. They don’t know the path of suffering or the weight of the cross. They don’t know what it is to fight, to wrestle, to battle against the flesh or the hoards of hell. They don’t know what the narrow way looks like or what the journey should feel like. It’s so sad. Truly. I honestly did not know the gospel or the true doctrines of the faith until I finally left the church completely after I felt the Lord calling me out of that institution of death. Many years ago now. Praise the Lord. These hirelings will one day answer to the Master for every soul who heard the sound of their voice and was under their so-called care. Bless the Lord. And God bless the faithful.

    • appolus said

      Amen Lisa, the journey is often painful and lonely, but the calling is clear. We follow Jesus and His Word no matter what and no matter if the whole world rejects Him. Leaving the one man institution can be very scary and difficult for most, but we have to go where we are led, even when the journey leads us through the wilderness. God bless you sister……..bro Frank.

  3. Niamh O'Regan said

    What and encouragement to hear the heavenly language spoken by another brother. Also the joy that the Lord has brought me into truth and on the narrow way. I have shared this with a small group of brother and sisters who are also walking on the narrow way. Praise God for his revelation and His mercy on us. 2 Corinthians 7:2-4. That we should die together (the flesh/old creation) to live together forever with our Lord in the New Creation

    • appolus said

      Good to hear from you brother. Joyful news to hear of your gathering. I am in touch with many of the saints on the narrow path. It’s always a joy to hear from saints who have not bowed the knee to baal and who walk the narrow way………..bro Frank.

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