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Alumni of the wilderness.

Posted by appolus on May 24, 2022

Mar 1:12  And immediately the Spirit driveth him into the wilderness. 

As soon as the Spirit descends upon Jesus, He is “driven,” into the wilderness. He is separated from everything He has known up to that point and He finds Himself in a desert. Paul, after his own encounter, did not go to Jerusalem, but rather he goes to Arabia. Paul too was separated, separated from the Pharisees of his former life, and also separated from the leadership of the saints in Jerusalem. Jesus would deal with His identity in the wilderness. The Devil will seek to cast doubt into His mind. He asks “if you are the Son of God,” he asks that twice. When Jesus stands His ground he is tempted with all the kingdoms of the world and all of their glory. Yet Jesus knew of a much greater glory, the glory He shared with His Father. He knew of the glory and the majesty of union with God.

Paul’s own identity would undoubtedly be challenged in Arabia. He was no longer a Pharisee. He no longer belonged to the religious order. He was stripped of his earthly titles and positions. Through all this he would discover exactly who he was in Christ. He would emerge from this “isolation,” with the confidence that can only truly come by encounter. Paul was not taught by men, He had revelations from God. He was taught by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. A very different man comes out of Arabia than had went in. He carried the authority of God because the encounter and the revelation changed him. Man did not promote Paul. He did not climb ecclesiastical ladders. His position was established by encounter. His identity was established.

What is your identity brothers and sisters? How were you established in your walk? Did you walk through barren landscapes away from the eyes of man? To be driven into the wilderness is to begin a journey of identity. To “know” who you are in Christ. To have stood your ground against the lying enemy. To be taught by God Himself. To be supernaturally ministered to by the hand of God. To know in the very depths of your being that you do not live by bread alone but by every word from your Fathers mouth. To find yourself, quite apart from men and their establishment and order. When God establishes a man, that man carries the authority of the very God who established him. He does not need titles. He does not have to curry favor from any groups. He or she simply are who God said they were and who God made them to be. Stand fast in your calling brothers and sisters, alumni of the wilderness. 

7 Responses to “Alumni of the wilderness.”

  1. Anonymous said


  2. Mary said

    “His position was established by encounter.”
    Loved that!

  3. My wife and I have been in the wilderness for about 15 years. We are growing and maturing in Christ. Sometimes I wonder whether God will let us out of the wilderness so we can have greater fellowship with other believers. I long for that, but cannot second guess God’s wisdom and provision in such matters. Of course, the fellowship we desire will be in heaven, but it would be nice to experience more here on Earth.

    John from Maine

    • appolus said

      God bless you John, you and your wife are not alone. God has His remnant all over the world and this wilderness experience is common to every genuine saint. There were times in Paul’s life where almost no one stood with him. Take care brother…..bro Frank.

    • belovedlittlelamb said

      “Forty years of wilderness life are sure to make grave changes in men and things.” Quote from Food in the Desert

  4. Such incredible encouragement…thank you for being here.
    Thank You Father for revealing Yourself to us in the wilderness.
    In the Wilderness by Michael Card
    Mercy in the Wilderness by Steve Camp:
    God bless each Pioneer here…
    Pioneer by Honeytree:

  5. belovedlittlelamb said

    T. Austin-Sparks message raised up its hand to me bringing further meaning of my desert time coming to know God’s jealousy for His Glory alone. What goes on in the wilderness for us – to learn no trust in man and all leaning and dependence upon God – shall surely show these words as true: Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit saith the Lord!

    By My Spirit by T. A-Sparks:


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