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Listening to the wrong voices.

Posted by appolus on May 1, 2022

Act 27:10  And said unto them, men, I perceive that this voyage will end withe disaster and much loss, not only of the cargo and ship, but also of our lives. 

A stark warning indeed. Have you ever had a warning that you ignored? Maybe it was a check in your spirit or a direct word from a brother or sister? The centurion in this case, decided to go with the experts, the helmsman and the owner of the ship. The majority were persuaded and off they went. Human logic can be very helpful and common sense typically serves us well. Here we have a tent-maker saying one thing and the helmsman and the owner of the ship saying another. The majority went with the experts.

Isn’t that typically the case in our world? We listen to experts. It might be doctors or lawyers. It might be politicians or financial advisors. Yet in everything, to discount the word of God can be very dangerous. That word might come from the Bible. Perhaps the still small voice. Perhaps a word of wisdom from a brother or sister, perhaps even a prophecy. Yet in the end, many fall back and rely on the word and opinion of so called experts. In verse 13 of Acts 27 we see a very typical scenario play out. All seems well at first. A south wind blew, a favorable wind, seemingly confirming what the experts had said. Yet before very long, the scenario Paul had laid out began to come to pass. For fourteen long days they were tossed violently in a huge storm. All seemed lost. Now, men are ready to listen to the man of God.

The man of God has a vision and spoke with confidence. They were all going to live. Yet the most dramatic moment was just about to unfold. Paul demanded that they cut the skiff loose. It seemed to make no sense. Often times in our lives we are called upon by God to do things that make no sense in the natural. In the vital moment, will you follow the direction of God? Will you abandon your common sense and the words of experts and follow blindly the advise from God? Paul brakes bread at the height of the disaster and gives thanks to God. Can you give thanks to Almighty God even when all seems lost? Following His direction and giving thanks to God releases power, supernatural power. Follow His leading today brothers and sisters, and He will guide you to where He wants you go.

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