A Call To The Remnant

Scottish Warriors for Christ- http://www.facebook.com/acalltotheremnant

Why I left the “organized,” church.

Posted by appolus on March 20, 2022

2 Responses to “Why I left the “organized,” church.”

  1. Anonymous said

    Amen..thank you for this testimony…My Scottish blood so wants me to travel to Scotland someday…most of my family on my mother’s side of the family came from Argishire don’t know if the spelling is correct the highlands rather…God Bless..happy spring..amen

    • appolus said

      Argyle is very close to my home town of Greenock. Greenock is in Renfrewshire, the shire on the end is kinda like a county in America. God bless you…..bro Frank.

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