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The crown of life.

Posted by appolus on March 10, 2022

Blessed is the man that endures temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him (Jas 1:12)

There is here a blessing for the saint who endures his or her trials. Not just here on this earth in the midst of your trials, which of course is supernatural and draws the attention of all who witness this to Christ, but also a crown of life in the next. And therefore, those who are tried and endure are those who are crowned with life. These promises are made to those who love Him. A sure sign of our love for Him is how we conduct ourselves in the midst of our trials and suffering and temptations.  It is the measure of us saints. And love is the key. Without an overarching love for God and His Word, then there can be no enduring with joy in the midst of the fires and floods of life.

There are three broad categories of saints in this life, and if you have lived long enough you will have met them all. There is the man and woman who are ruled by their souls. Then there are those who are ruled by their heads. And finally there are those who are ruled from their hearts, the seat of their affections. Where does you spirit dwell saints? Does it roam the endless seas of the soul where it is driven by the winds of emotions? Typically driven onto the rocks or near enough to hear the ancient sirens call that would lure them away unto destruction? Or does it roam the endless corridors of the mind where the brain rules supreme. Each door in these endless corridors having to be opened in the futile task of trying to figure everything out. Or, does it dwell in the throne room of your humanity, the heart, where the throne of the Lord dwells?

The soulish man loves himself and is driven by his emotions, self love. Self love cannot endure trials, rather it cries out in anguish and torment. The man who is ruled by his head is driven by his intellect, self love. This self love cannot endure trials and torments for it cannot figure out the purpose of it all, and therefore ends up like the soulish man or he stoically endures and love is driven from him by circumstances. Those who are ruled from the heart  where Jesus rules supreme, and loving Him means obeying Him and seeing Him high and lifted up, endure with joy and to them there is promised the crown of life. We know that we have been called to confess with our mouth and believe in our hearts. The Spirit speaks to us, not in the soulish realm nor in the realms of the intellect, but via our spirit which dwells in the new heart that the Lord gave us. The  royal law is written upon our new hearts. Only those who truly love Jesus will follow His commands and be His witnesses, and to them is promised the crown of life.



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