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Come before His throne.

Posted by appolus on February 1, 2022

Psa 51:4  Against thee, thee only, have I sinned,

The reason that we do not have more repentance is that we repent for what we do instead of what we are. Remember, repentance for what you do goes down deep, but repentance for what you are goes deeper ( Tozer) The presence of God, the manifest presence of God is a two-edged sword. In the incalculable light of God our Father, that reflects from the face of Christ our Lord, we see first ourselves and then we see God. We understand just how far removed from the perfection of our creator we are in the light of His glory and grace. We understand all the more the nature of our humanity and it stays with us. David’s eyes were opened by the prophet of God and he is horrified. He understands the depths and the nature of his crimes, yet his heart cry before God is the realization of where those crimes originated from. He knows well, in the light of God, that God requires truth in the inward parts, where the sin originates.

This is why Tozer is saying that repentance for what you are goes deeper than repentance for what you did. Both are required, one is seldom sought. The Catholic goes to confession ever week and confesses the same sin over and over again yet the heart remains the same. Many evangelicals do the same, just in a different format and typically alone. The real work in the heart of a man and a woman lies in the depths of their hearts. Only by coming into the presence of God, before the throne, a way made for us by Jesus Himself, can we ever truly be changed to the depths of our hearts. David acknowledges his transgressions and then says that his sin (singular, meaning the sin nature) is ever before him. If we would diminish the power of the sin nature, we would use the gift of reconciliation, given to us by Jesus and come before the throne in true and deep repentance. We can never leave that place unchanged. He waits for you.

2 Responses to “Come before His throne.”

  1. Anonymous said

    I never before thought to repent for who I was. I too am horrified at what the Lord has been showing me of my true condition. He has been revealing things to me that go way back for many years. Beliefs that I had about myself that simply are not true. I feel like He is bringing the reality of the cross from my head to my heart. If that makes any sense. Thank you for sharing Frank. I am grateful.

    • appolus said

      “He is bringing the reality of the cross from my head to my heart.” Amen, yes it makes perfect sense. It’s one thing to know about taking up one’s cross, it’s quite another to actually take up one’s cross. One leads you no deeper into the heart of God, the other leads you deeper into the heart of God which changes who we are and the root cause of our sin nature………bro Frank

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