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My hands are stretched out in the night.

Posted by appolus on September 23, 2021

Psa 77:2  In the day of my trouble I sought the Lord: my hand was stretched out in the night without ceasing: my soul refused to be comforted. 

Your soul will refuse to be comforted when only the Lord will do. Its the spirit within you that compels the soul to be unsatisfied with any natural solutions, especially when there are none to be found. Its at these times of desperation when our spirits are overwhelmed that we realize that nothing other than God Himself will do. We peer into the darkness, the abyss, the gross darkness that is all around us and we desperately seek the light. Picture the Lord when He is nailed to that cruel old tree, and the gross darkness descends and He cries out in anguish, the greatest anguish ever felt, thinking that He had been forsaken. Oh the agony of it. And then the moment of complete victory and the Lord gives over His Spirit into the hands of His Father.

The moment of victory comes at the end of darkness. When our hands are stretched out to heaven, without ceasing. I will not lower these trembling hands until I commit it all unto Him. Our poor Jesus could not lower His outstretched hands. They were held aloft for you. And then comes the light. You begin to remember all the works of the Lord in your life. You meditate on the goodness and the mercy of God that has followed you all the days of your life. You see the wonder of it. The waters of the deep see it and they are afraid, the Scriptures say. The depths tremble at His majesty. The skies cry out and the arrows of lightening flash across the heavens in a stupor.

And then, like the children of Moses, the sea parts before you, before your impossible situation, The darkness begins to recede as the light comes roaring into view on chariots of fire. It flees and is consumed by the utter holiness of our God. Lift those trembling hands tonight saints, is there anything too difficult for our God? The light from His glory causes the sun to look away in shame. He will flood your soul with living waters and you will cry Holy, Holy Holy. My anguish is drowned in glory and my anxiety is swept away by the tide of grace and mercy. Oh, the indescribable unfathomable atmosphere that is His presence. And suddenly. I am at peace.

2 Responses to “My hands are stretched out in the night.”

  1. Loretta said

    He turns suffering into worship.

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