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The best version of your self

Posted by appolus on August 21, 2021

I recently heard a man, who was promoting a men’s ministry group say “come and be a better version of your self.” I shuddered in my spirit when I heard that. Not because the man was not well intentioned but because he was. Do you know what the best version of your self is? It is filthy rags before the Lord. The best version of your self would not even allow you to mount the first rung of the ladder of what God wants for you. Jesus said that unless your righteousness exceeds that of the Pharisees, considered to be the holiest men in all of Israel, you will in no way enter the Kingdom of heaven. This would have caused the people to despair, because they had it all wrong.

Imagine someone said that unless you were better than Mother Teresa, you would never get into heaven. Most of the world would groan (for they consider her to be holy) just like the people did when Jesus stated that truth about the Pharisees. What Jesus was actually telling the people was that these religious people were not holy at all, in fact, quite the opposite. What you could see on the outside had no bearing on what Jesus could see on the inside. Dead men’s bones. Men and woman who loved to be greeted as something special, something holy. Men and women who loved to be called “teacher, pastor, nun,” and any other title you can think of. Hypocrites who actually conceal the Kingdom of God from men through a cloak of holiness and righteousness and religion. Who travel the world and make converts who are twice the children of hell than they are.

The outside of the cup and the platter is clean, they are the best versions of their self. Yet, inside they are full of hypocrisy and idolatry and uncleanness. Rotten to the core. Polluted in everything that they do. And how could it be otherwise? They have taken self and promoted it. Their best selves are living their best lives now. And this is the hook. Come and live the best version of your self now and live your best life now. Consider the calling of God. He bids you come to die. He says that the best that you have to offer is rotten to the core but He has the cure. A cross. Who will crucify their flesh to the cross? How many men would show up if that was how it was advertised? Not too many I would imagine. Your best self leads to eternal death, and the death of your flesh leads to eternal life.

We live in a world where it is all about self. It is the idolatry of the age. Its not a new thing in our time, it has just reached dizzying heights. The high place of self has exalted itself up beyond the heavens. Whether it is the worse of self or the best of self its all self righteousness and it is filthy rags before the Lord. So called men and women of God try to make people feel better about themselves. It becomes mutual exaltation. It is reciprocal in nature. The only cure is death to self, and the only instrument of death for self is a cross. This is why the Lord bids us to take up our cross daily. To follow the commands of the Lord in this is to walk to the narrow path and to thin out the crowd. The broad road to destruction has a banner over it which reads “follow this road for the best version of your self.” The narrow path has a banner over it which reads “this way to Calvary.” Shall you take the broad road or the narrow path?

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