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His righteousness

Posted by appolus on June 28, 2021

I thank you for the righteousness you see
For it is the righteousness You imputed to me
My chains fell of and I was healed 
When this truth to me was finally revealed

I bring nothing to His righteousness
And the Spirit of this truth has guided us
That even on my very worse day
Tis your truth alone that lights my way

Not by might nor power I stand
But by the righteousness found in thy Hand
That flows from feet and wounded side
In the shadow of thy wing is where I'll hide

This is my life tis from above
It hovers over me like a heavenly dove
This truth alone has set me free
Higher than the heavens and deeper than the sea. 

2 Responses to “His righteousness”

  1. David C Brown said

    Good and true (although the verse could be tighter.). Grace be with you!

    • appolus said

      I agree with the verses needing to be tighter. Its on the schedule for a rewrite 🙂 God bless you………….bro Frank

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