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In the desert heights

Posted by appolus on June 24, 2021

I will open rivers in the desert heights 
I will illuminate the darkness on the darkest nights
I will be a cloud to you in the heat of the day
Follow me my child I will show you the way

I will make the wilderness like a pool of water
I will strengthen you though ye be like lambs to the slaughter
When they hang you high I will raise you higher
You will praise My name in the midst of the fire 

When they put you in the dungeon and throw away the key
You will sing songs of glory for I have set you free
There are no chains that can ever hold you down
For I have robed you in glory and placed upon your head a crown

Streams of heavenly glory flow down to you oh man
I saw you born again, I saw when it all began 
No child of mine shall beg nor ever sell his own birthright 
Rather stand he in the battle, he will stand and fight 

We do not fight with flesh and blood, rather principalities and powers
We pull down every stronghold and demolish demonic towers
The Lord has called us to righteousness and He will hold our hand
And by the power of His glory, we shall forever stand.

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