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Handing it all over.

Posted by appolus on June 24, 2021

The Holy Spirit spoke to me the other day in answer to an inquiry as to what was going on with me. “You have been holding on for so long that you do not know how to let go.” Let go of what you might ask? Everything.
It is within my own grasp that all fear exists, and the tighter the hold the greater the fear. And so this new place that I have been walking in with the Lord is the place that appears when you let go.
And the letting go was such a foreign concept to me that the Holy Spirit had to tell me what it was. And I thought to myself “surely it cannot be that simple?” And the answer is that it is, it is profoundly simple. And the cost? Everything that you have. Let it go. Hand it over. He who the Son sets free is free indeed.

3 Responses to “Handing it all over.”

  1. Kathleen Barrett said

    Certainly speaks to me. I like…”the tighter the hold the greater the fear.” So true. Kathy

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  2. BT said

    “Except we become as little children…” The exceptions of God are non-negotiable but His life in us is unfathomable. How good are His ways with us… In letting go – we apprehend, in dying – we live, in weakness – we become strong and in our forsaking self – we become ONE in Him.

  3. JP said

    Wow: the Father had me do the same thing just last week. I also hadn’t realized that over the last year, somehow, gradually and unnoticed, I had taken on so many yokes and burdens (and thus stress) that he hadn’t given me. And so of course, also without realizing it, I had gradually become extremely stressed and frustrated and was complaining at Him because nothing was working out. But as soon as I repented and gave everything back to him . . . suddenly I had his supernatural peace and suddenly, on their own, without me doing anything, so many things that I had been trying to make happen but couldn’t . . . just magically started happening! It was amazing! The Father just waved his magic wand, so to speak, and suddenly everything was completely different and incredible! Wow!

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