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I hold the reins of chaos.

Posted by appolus on June 15, 2021

Rain down you heavens from above
Let the skies pour forth in righteousness 
Be drenched by His glorious love 
And let His light expel all darkness

I am the Lord your God and there is no other
Look to me alone as your narrow way
Do not be distracted by any other lover
And I will lead and guide you every single day

I have formed the light and created the darkness
I make peace and hold the reins of calamity
Yet in my Hands you are safe from all the madness 
And despite all you see there is only my reality

Darkness and light are both the same to Me 
And I have created the path that lies before you
Whether mountains or valleys or the wildest desolate seas
I will forge your steps and I will take you through

You shall walk through fires and you shall not be burned 
You shall wade through floods and not be overwhelmed 
You shall keep your eyes on me and never be turned 
When you are covered by My Blood you are never condemned.

2 Responses to “I hold the reins of chaos.”

  1. Anonymous said

    Thank you brother. Beautiful, powerful words that calm my mind and heart. The darker it gets, the more precious I feel in my Father’s sight. It may sound cliche, but the feeling I have in my spirit is probably similar to the feeling Noah had as he boarded the ark. It’s pure confidence in everything that God had promised, no fear of the things around you, just knowing that you are being moved by his hand. My heart is filled with a strange joy as I comprehend that the Lord is unlocking special places, unknown paths and plans for each of his precious children at this time. Sometime my eyes well with tears knowing how carefully He is leading me, like a father tying a small child’s shoe, holding his hand crossing the street. He is acutely aware of my needs and direction, and loves to be the Father. Yet we have a blessed Father, Son and Spirit, and such a rich life in all three! I have never felt more blessed to be a child of God than I do today.

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