A Call To The Remnant

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A new day is born.

Posted by appolus on May 30, 2021


As the morning from the earliest dawn
Is spread upon the mountains
So the Blood of our Almighty Lord
Flows from eternal fountains

As the river from its secret source
Flows down from the highest valleys
So our Lord and all His marching saints
To the battle ever rallies 

Down from Heaven's eternal skies
Flows Gods almighty blessings
That washes men from all their sins
And all of their transgressions 

In every battle in every age 
Blood has been forever shed
Yet the greatest day there ever was
The day my Saviour died and bled

And now the fountains of our Lord
Gush forth a mighty flood
Refreshing men in every age
By His eternal Blood

Stand fast ye soldiers of the cross
Stand fast and hold the ground
Though you may suffer grievous loss
And the enemy is all around

Rise up like mornings from the dawn
That spreads across the mountains 
And see His Blood you look upon
Flow from eternal fountains

And in this glorious tidal wave
That ushers sin into its grave
You'll stand triumphantly and say
This is for me a brand new day..

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