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Is your hands clean and your heart pure?

Posted by appolus on May 9, 2021

The Holy Spirit does not become my spirit. He invades my spirit and lifts my personality into a right relationship with God. That means I can begin now to work out what God has worked in. The Holy Spirit enables me to fulfill all the commands of God and I am without excuse for not fulfilling them. Absolute almighty ability is packed into my spirit and to say “I can’t,” if I have received the Holy Spirit is unconscious blasphemy. (Oswald Chambers)

What Chambers is teaching here flies in the face of most modern Evangelical teaching. He reaches up to the highest mark and tells us that we are without excuse when we cry that we cannot reach it. Compare that to modern Evangelical teaching that reaches down into the lowest mark by telling people that they are merely sinners saved by grace. Can you see the difference? Chambers makes the bold statement that those who say they can’t are unconscious blasphemers. I might say that he is being generous by using the word unconscious.

The Holy Spirit, when he enters into a man or woman, invades them. We understand the word “invade.” It has violent connotations. It is a takeover. And as with every successful invasion, all rebellion must be put down. It is the same with us. The flesh wars against the Spirit. Our own personal spirits are willing, but our flesh is weak. The Holy Spirit empowers us to overcome the flesh until we understand that we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus through the power of His Spirit.

If we indeed have been invaded by the Holy Spirit and delivered out of captivity, captivity from what? We have been delivered from the power of sin. This teaching, in all its many facets, that Jesus came to deliver us from hell is not true. That might be a byproduct of our salvation, but it was not nor is the primary object. The primary object is that we were delivered from the power of sin and its consequences, it’s consequences being death, eternal death. We were guilty of sin and we were already condemned. The crime was sin, the punishment is hell. The gift is deliverance from sin and the reward of that is eternal life with God.

Imagine being delivered from the power of sin and you go right on sinning and you excuse it by saying “I can’t stop it.’ If that is your mindset that I would have to question whether you have actually been delivered. I would question whether you have been invaded by the Holy Spirit. I am a city boy and I know nothing about trees. For the most part, I cannot identify them other than them being green and having branches. Yet, I know what an apple looks like. If I see apples hanging from a tree, then I can, with all the confidence of a tree expert, tell you that it is an apple tree.

If you have been delivered from sin, I will know that by the fruits I see. In otherwords you will be known by your fruits. If you have no fruits and all you have is “I am just a sinner saved by grace,” then I would consider you to be on very shaky ground. Listen to what Chambers follows up with to the above quote……………

“Do you mean to tell me that God can search me to the innermost recesses of my dreams, my innermost motives, and find nothing to blame? That God Almighty can bring the winnowing fan of His Spirit and search out my thoughts and imaginations and find nothing to blame? Who can stand before God and say ” My hands are clean, my heart is pure”? Who can climb the hill of the Lord ( see Psalm 24:3-4) No one under heaven, saving the one who has been readjusted at the cross of Christ. That one can stand before the scrutiny of God and know with a knowledge that passes knowledge that the work of God’s Son in her or in him passes the scrutiny of God. No soul ever gets there except by the sovereign grace of God through the Atonement.”

When was the last time you heard that kind of preaching? You have everything that you need in Christ Jesus through His work and by His Spirit to live an exemplary life and to be an extraordinary witness for His glory. You can walk this walk with clean hands. You can walk this walk with a pure heart. Psalm 16:3 speaks of the saints of the earth, they are describes as the excellent ones, the magnificent ones, the noble ones on the earth. This is our calling and this is what we have been enabled to be. To deny this is blasphemy. you are denying the power of God that has invaded and conquered your willing hearts.

And now that we have been conquered, He enables us to be conquerors, in fact more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. The question in Romans 8:35 is “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ”? The context comes in the next few words. Shall tribulation? Shall distress or persecution or famine or nakedness or peril or sword? These are the battles of the noble ones, the saints on earth, and yet in spite of all these things we conquer, in fact we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. We are saints on the earth, we are God’s excellent ones and nothing that exists, whether angels or principalities of powers nor anything in your life right now nor anything to come can change who we are and who we love and who we are loved by. No matter how high we ascend or even if we found ourselves in the depths and death has come knocking at our door, nothing can separate us from the love of God which has, forever taken up residence in our hearts through Christ by His Spirit.

Your calling is a high one brothers and sisters. Never let anything persuade you otherwise. Will you walk according to your calling? Will you walk in the nobility of Christ who lives and reigns in you? Will you present to God clean hands and a pure heart? What would stop you from doing so? Whatever it is you have been empowered to overcome it and walk in the beauty of Holiness. Begin today to walk in the holiness of God through Christ our Lord by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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