A Call To The Remnant

Scottish Warriors for Christ- http://www.facebook.com/acalltotheremnant

That still small voice.

Posted by appolus on April 11, 2021

Ride and ride with all your might
Push the horse into the night
Towards the dawn that’s straight ahead
Fleeing darkness fleeing dread

I have swam in violent seas of chaos
I have been caught in the lightning storms of life
Pushing mighty boulders up perpetual hills
I have baked in the sun and shivered naked with the chills

I have been a starving man
With my nose pressed against the window pane
I have wrestled with this world and sanity
And know something of what it means to be insane

And now I listen to the silence
Tis a table before me fit for a King
A glorious feast of beauty and peace
An immovable Spirit dwelling deep within

And in this silence where there is no noise
Can you hear it? Can you hear that still small voice?
A feast indeed to a starving man
To remember in your heart where it all began

In Christ alone I stand or fall
Tis a starving man who can’t hear His call
His silence His peace tis manna to my soul
For distractions and noise surely take their toll

Till there’s nothing left but a valley of dry bones
And tortured men with hearts full of stones
Starving and dying and withering away
They have long since forgotten how to listen and pray

Oh Christendom how often I would gather you in
Away from the world with its noise and its din
Those who can hear, in that day they shall stand
In the beauty of silence in the palm of My hand.

God is calling, He is calling today
Learn how to listen, to listen and pray
Distractions must cease and an end to all noise
Till once more you hear that still small voice.

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