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The path that has no footsteps.

Posted by appolus on March 14, 2021

My friend Tom shared with me the other day the first two lines of this poem. He said he wanted to pursue the path that has no footsteps which would lead to places he has not been. I told him I was going to steal that line and write a poem based on it 🙂 So here it is with the proper attribution to my brother in the Lord, Tom who is in his late 70s and still wants to pursue the Lord with all of his heart.

The path that has no footsteps.

The path that has no footsteps
Leads to places I have not been
It is the mystery of our walk with God
To walk the path that is not seen

Who can know what lies before us
For our future remains untold
It rests in the hand of God alone
Trust in Him is our stronghold

Your life in Christ it has no chart
No compass can ever point the way
There is no map you can rely on
Only trust in Him for every day

There is no one can lead you forward
No man can craft your way ahead
Christ alone is the road we travel
He is the narrow path we tread

How exciting is this journey
That has brought us here thus far
The Holy Spirit goes before us
He is our Rock our true North Star

Lead us on oh Lord forever
Until our path comes to an end
Then we shall cross the Jordon river
And from this world we shall transcend.

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