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Learning that He is faithful

Posted by appolus on March 15, 2021

Phil 4:11 Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.

Paul is a great example to us when he tells us that he had “learned” to be content. There is no magic wand to arrive at this position. We must “learn” And we learn by walking through the fires and the floods. Giving ourselves over and surrendering in every situation so that we can find the freedom that is found in the darkness. What do I mean by that? Well the greatest freedom ever wrought was formed and delivered to us from Calvary.

It is on the tree that Jesus set us free from the laws of sin and death. Gethsemane, Calvary, the cross, the resurrection, this is the path. There has to be a willingness to take up our crosses and die. I do not believe it is every forced upon us. Well I remember the day in 1995, four years after I came to Jesus, that I cried out to my heavenly Father” whatever it takes Lord for me to be useful to you.” One of those prayers that you know that you know that was heard before the throne.

The next 20 years there was one trial after another. The kind of trials that make you fall to your knees. Over and over again. Yet, I began to discover deep truths in these trials. After so many of them it occurred to me how faithful God was to me in the midst of them. How He was always there. How disappointed I was by my lack of total trust in Him as I walked through them. How I was determined in my spirit to walk through the next one, which I knew was coming, with more faith and trust in the faithfulness of God.

I discovered that this journey was a journey not about my own faith but about discovering just how faithful the Lord was to me. It was all about His faithfulness!! And the light bulb began to come on. I was “learning.” And my own faith was strengthened in the midst of it all.

3 Responses to “Learning that He is faithful”

  1. The Faithfulness of our Father in our trials is the greatest motivation to being faithful ourselves. As I look back on my health trials I an see how He has rescued me often, which encourages me every day.

  2. Rebecca said

    This spoke directly to me. I once told Jesus to take my hands and my feet … my mouth … all of me … “use me LORD for your glory.” He has answered this prayer in many ways … once that prayer began to be answered the trials began … one comes after another. BUT GOD is faithful … I look back to see this in every trial and test of my faith. It seems right after a success in my faith another trial comes.

    Last night I arrived home, after visiting with my daughter and two little girls to once again open the door to a very silent space. I prayed LORD you want honesty from me and LORD I am so very lonely … not soon after my doorbell rang. I went to the door expecting to see my neighbor who had come to water my seedlings while I was away but a woman I did not know was standing there. I discovered she lived not far from me … saw my door open and decided to stop to see who mowed my lawn. BUT GOD had other purposes for this unexpected visit.

    I came to discover, like me, she has lost her husband … three years ago now for me … but for her in January … hers to death mine to ‘others.’ We shared Jesus … we connected … we spoke about His faithfulness and hugged much later as she left to go home. God is faithful and does “preserve” us … He shows me His love and kindness when in unexpected moments of grace. I least expect it. I knew immediately that God had answered my prayer … this morning I know it was answered for her … and for me to rise up in Him and offer encouragement.

    He is showing me through the sorrow and pain He takes me through I can use these times to encourage others. Instead of looking at myself I can love others through Him by being the who He wants me to be in Him.

    I do often reflect on the many past trials to see His strength and His grace. I often succumb to the same pattern of crying out for His help … for relief yet He once told me to “Let patience have her perfect work.” I am grateful and can see a growing through His Spirit but I also see how my faith wavers in the midst of the storm sometimes. I am also learning to recognize the spirit of darkness that tries to infiltrate and am learning to battle as he schemes … I also am learning to redeem the time … to understand I must ‘put on’ the armor He has gifted me.

    It was a good lesson yesterday … today I feel refreshed.

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