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From the depths of suffering to the heights of glory.

Posted by appolus on August 10, 2016

This poem is for all the folks who have suffered loss and know what it means to hang in there. To overcomers and those who endure the darkest nights, God takes special delight in turning their ashes into something incredibly rich and deep and profoundly beautiful. When we can comfort others with the comfort that we ourselves have been comforted with then we become lighthouses in the darkness. Remember there is a direct correlation between the depths of suffering and the heights of glory. Don’t be told otherwise.

When the cliffs are to your back
And the tide is coming in
When the waters surely rising
And you know you cannot swim

And the water comes so slowly
But you know there’s no escape
It laps around your ankles
It will take what it will take

You know your slowly drowning
But you do not seem to care
What you really are afraid of
That come the morning your still there

How many tides have come and gone
How many fogs have rolled on in?
How dark has been the darkest night
It tries to drown the light within

And suddenly you realize
You are a beacon in the night
You stand above the highest tide
Eternally a shining light

A lighthouse standing on the Rock
For all the world to see
Standing whole and strong above the storm
Shining light for all eternity

Through endless storms and ages past
Through every dark and stormy night
You’ve come to learn this single thing
There always comes dawns early light

5 Responses to “From the depths of suffering to the heights of glory.”

  1. oldpoet56 said

    Very nice piece of work.

  2. oldpoet56 said

    Reblogged this on Truth Troubles: Why people hate the truths' of the real world and commented:
    Beautiful poem, please give it a moment of your time.

  3. John said

    “Remember there is a direct correlation between the depths of suffering and the heights of glory.”

    Hi Frank,

    Can you give Scriptural support for this?

    I don’t know, man – a lot of my suffering has been a result of unbelief (or wrong beliefs) or idolatry. I would not have suffered for as long or as intense if I had greater faith in God during those episodes.

    • appolus said

      Hi John, let me first say that there are many kinds of suffering and in my small piece to the audience I write to they would understand that the suffering I refer to is the suffering that comes from living Godly in Christ Jesus. (2Tim 3:12) The suffering that comes from sin is very different than the suffering that comes from living Godly or spiritual warfare against the saints. Obviously one of the greates examples of suffering was Jesus on the cross, it was His lowest point but also His victory. Paul and Silas in the dungeon having been whipped to within an inch of their lives begin to praise God even in the depths of their suffering and down comes the power of God and literally shook the whole building and the jailer and his family were saved. In the last two years have had two very close friends come down with cancer that was supposed to kill them but they found in the depths of their human suffering an even deeper relationship with God. There are literally thousands of testimonies from the martyrs down through the ages who found themselves in very gruesome circumstances but where the enemy had come in like a flood, God had raised up a standard and elevated them spiritually above their very human circumstances much to the amazement of their jailers. And so, I do agree that God is not mocked, what a man sows He reaps, this is one part of the equation. Yet, we also have an enemy of our soul who attempts to use circumstances to drown the saints. Yet praise the Lord, we are never tempted more than we are able for God equips and stands with those whom He calls even in the presence of our enemies we can feast on the presence of God and goodness and mercy follows us all the days of our lives…………………….bro Frank

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