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What are you worth?

Posted by appolus on August 17, 2016

Before I encountered God in new birth I felt zero worth and this was the root cause of all of my problems in life, be it anger or alcohol or drugs and so on. Without any details, I was robbed of any worth as a kid. I set of down that typical destructive path. My brother ended up in prison, in and out for many years, my sister fought her own demons and died last year ( not before finding God, praise Him)

Encountering God in the new birth,there sprung forth life. Yet every life needs the light to grow, nothing grows in the darkness. And so I have had at least two significant encounters with the inspiration of Calvary after the new birth which has significantly changed the actual wiring in my head. You see, to know what Jesus did is revelation through His word but to truly understand it requires inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

To inspire someone causes them to grow because of what you have imparted. Have you been ” inspired,” by the Holy Spirit, has there been an impartation? How will you know? How would you not know? It changes everything. If you have never experienced this then I urge you to seek and to plunge the depths of Calvary, consider the cost, consider the anguish and the agony of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. What kind of love is this??? Something above and beyond our wildest imaginations. Can it be grasped?

Yes, it is a work, it is the work of the Holy Spirit and it is found by those who diligently seek it out. If you are looking, He will find you, He will reveal to you, He will inspire you and impart to you the depths of His love as seen on that old Rugged cross so despised by the world. And you will finally see your true worth as all the lies of this old world fall away like scales from your eyes. Your worth is founded upon His love!

2 Responses to “What are you worth?”

  1. jlue said

    You are right, there is nothing to compare with coming to know the Lord and being filled with the Holy Spirit. I believe that He seeks us. If we have a desire in our heart to know Him, it is because He put it there. That is how much God loves us.

  2. exposeevil said

    Reblogged this on Light In The Darkness.

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