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My personal sanctification

Posted by appolus on August 7, 2016

About four years after I was born again I remember crying out to God ” Lord, whatever it takes.” It was such a serious prayer of my heart and I knew that I knew that the Lord said ” Okay Frank.” The next twenty years were brutal and my life was dismantled piece by piece. Dreams were shattered, ambitions lay broken on the rocks of life, family life, Christian life, ministry, every aspect of what I had known was slowly but surely consumed in a refining fire. I can say now that I would not have it any other way, but if I had had a glimpse into the future I would not, with such ardent zest, cried out with the same passion. I would still have desired it but with a knowing wisdom rather than some thoughts of glory. The battles and the foxholes of life have taken away any boyish notions that there is any other glory in all of this life other than His glory. It is His glory and His,story…………bro Frank

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  1. Dick Olson said

    Thanks so much for sharing this brief message. It has touched me deeply and caused me to pause and reflect if my heart is so set on His glory. Would you be willing to expand upon what your “inside” story was at the point you cried out, “Lord whatever it takes.” Whatever it takes for what? — to be filled with His Spirit, for deeper surrender, for His manifest Presence, for healing, or to live for His glory, etc. Was this your cry to know Him in reality— a first hand experience or was it a response to having tasted of His glory? Also my wife and I were very blest by the gathering in Olathe. Thank you for the role you played in making that a special event. Peace

    • appolus said

      Hi Dick, good question 🙂 And thank you for coming to Olathe for the meeting it was a blessing to have you guys there. When I camr to the point of crying out to God ” whatever it takes,” was about four years after being gloriously born again from above. About six months after being born again I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and a few years after that the Lord asked me to go back home to Scotland to share the Gospel. Now my wife and I had emigrated to America in 1990 and this was 1994 when I felt the Lord calling me to return to Scotland. No one goes back Dick. We had a good life in America. Yet the call remained and so after many miracles, we sold everything and returned for a year. I actually expected all of Scotland to be saved 🙂 And so at about the mid point during my year in Scotland I felt completely innefectual. Now,I saw some folks getting saved and so on and I was testifying in the local prison and on the street and at special meetings and so on, but I wanted more, I wanted to see the power of God ( not miracles) moving mightily in the lives of people.

      And so I cried out to God that whatever it took I wanted to be used meaning that whatever it was in me that would hold Him back in any way from being able to be used by Him, I wanted gone. And so it began. Now, through all those years from then till now I have seen God in mighty mighty ways and I praise Him for that, but it comes, I believe, in the fires of suffering. There is a cost I believe and the Lord is looking for saints willing to enter into a crucible, a crucible that works mightily while at the same time burns away the flesh. Now part of that crucible is learning to live in the seasons of the life in the Spirit. Learning to love and trust God in the depths of winter when nothing seems to grow. Learning to love God in the dog days of summer which often seem so oppressive. Yet praise God their is the beauty of the warming spring rains where life begins to spring anew and the wonderful fall seasons where the heat wanes and the trees begin to show the glory of our magnificent creator God. One of example of the power and the lessons I learned after crying out to Jesus that prayer is this. I started a small prayer gathering, mostly older ladies, God bless them. We drove to all the high places of our town ( I grew up in a steep valley) and prayed over the town, crying out to God for the heavens to be rended and His glory to come down. We drove into bad areas ( one of them where I grew up) and were ” buzzed,” by drug dealers, probably thinking we were the police or something. Well we had a series of meetings in that project ( housing scheme) and every week only Christians showed up.

      Now I like fellowship but the whole point was to reached the unsaved. We had knocked on doors and passed literature out and so on. Well about the fourth meeting I decided not to go. I thought that there would be no unsaved people there so I could miss it. Well just a few hours before the meeting the Holy Spirit told me I must go. So I went but not with expectancy. And sure enough it was all Christians and a noisy young worship band which was not ans still is not my favorite thing. Well a very strange thing happened. As we worshiped all of a sudden the presence of God fell on that place. It was not because of the young band but in spite of them and they were quieted right away. There was a holy heaviness in the place, the majesty of God, the glory of God had come down. Suddenly in front of me a person came in and sat down. They were covered in tattoos and was clearly not a Christian. Turns out it was a girl even although she had a shaved head and tattoos all over her neck. The Lord told me to pray for her. I sat there and silently prayed for her and she began to weep. A young Christian woman came and sat down beside her and put her arm around her. You would have thought she electrocuted her because the unsaved woman jumped up and ran right out of the room. Then I found myself dong something I would not normally do, I got up and ran right after her. There was three double doors and I caught up with her as she was just about to exit the building.

      When I saw her i was shocked to see who it was. It was an infamous woman from the projects. She was a lesbian drug dealer. The last time I had saw her was 12 years previously. I had been in the next jail cell to her. We both got out at the same time in the morning and shared a taxi back to the projects where we live. I said to her ” Susan, do you remember me?” She said she did. I asked her what brought her to the meeting tonight and she said ” I just knew I was to meet someone.” I told her God had been speaking to her and then gave her my testimony,all the time she is crying. She then said ” well what do I do now?” I said lets go back inside and if you want to, give Jesus your whole life. She did want to and went in and went up and kneeled down at the front and gave her life to Jesus. The Lord later laid on my heart that this was the primary purpose of my whole family moving back to Scotland, just for Susan. I was overwhelmed at love of God. Even back all those years as He looked down upon two drunken people in a jail cell He was thinking ” I know the plans that I have for them.” God is such a big God, there is nothing too difficult for Him. This is one example of how I wanted to be used and whatever it took for me to be useful in His Kingdom then so be it Lord………………………….bro Frank

      • Dick Olson said

        Thank you for sharing your journey and testifying to God’s awesome work in your life. I will be re- reading your two posts in the days ahead and praying that my eyes would be opened to see Him as you have for the flesh alone cannot cry out, “Lord whatever it takes without that prayer being birthed by Him. BLessings

  2. Rebecca said

    I can relate because I find myself in one spiritual battle after another … eventually I learned that these are mostly tests to strengthen my faith. My heart’s cry has continued to be “I will never turn back … no matter the cost” I did not know what to ‘submit’ meant … in fact when His Holy Spirit said “Submit” I was in the middle of such a demonic attack I cried out, “Submit to what?!” That was 8 years ago and the battles have become even more intense at times … the difference is that I recognize it is a spiritual battle and even though I do become weary sometimes the ‘anchor holds.’ I am thankful to have been led to your site … the words the LORD gives you to share strengthen and provide hope.

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