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The post election world for Christians.

Posted by appolus on August 2, 2016

What is around the corner for the Body of Christ? I believe that within the next ten years we will be living in a society that will not accept the fundamental teachings of the Bible. How will this play out? We are heading for a time very soon where born again Christians will not be allowed to teach in public schools first, then in any schools. We will be banned from colleges and universities. We will not be allowed on the police force or the armed forces. There will be no government job open to any genuine saint. Media will rid themselves of anyone holding to views that run counter to the popular culture. Homosexuality and your views towards it will be a litmus test in every sphere of life, and not just public life. You will be deemed as unfit parents if you teach the biblical truth that homosexuality is a sin. For homosexuality will move fully into the category of civil rights. No pastor will be able to refuse to marry two men or two women, and if he does, he will lose any official capacity. Christian businesses will be boycotted at the behest of the state and then banned outright.

Now the strange thing is, outside of irony, that none of this will have anything to do with homosexuality in and of itself. No, this has to do with the truth. It’s always been about the truth. In every century and in the last two millennium its been about the truth. After the litmus test of homosexuality will come an assault on the great pillar of truth itself. Jesus says ” I am the way, the truth and the life and no man comes to the Father but by me.” (John 14:6) This, even more so that people’s views on sexuality, will be the rod that will be used to strike the backs of every genuine saint. You see, the world will demand that all those who believe that there is only one way to heaven and that all other paths lead to hell, be “put away.” And so it will all come down to truth and our love and commitment to it. The thing about truth is, no matter what the subject, whether it was as in previous centuries infant baptism or transubstantiation, its adherents will not yield. Not because they are particularly invested in one subject or the other but they are sold out to all of it and all that it encompasses even to the point of death. And why? Because the genuine saint has fallen in love with Truth. Jesus is the way and in that way we must walk. Jesus is truth and upon His revealed truth we must stand. Jesus is life, and only by walking in Him and standing upon Him can we have that life.

So get ready saints. It will be difficult but is there anything too difficult for God? We will have to persevere and overcome but remember all the promises of the Lord are made to those who overcome and endure till the end. For a long time in the West we saints have had little resistance from the authorities. It will not be so anymore. The Son of man is coming back in all of His glory and the enemy of our soul knows it well. The Lord has prepared a place for us and we must take hold of that place. For those who stand upon the truth  have a high tower in the Lord. For those who do not yield to the world but trust the Lord in all their ways, they will have a peace which surpasses all understanding. There are no surprises to God, He knows what is coming against His children and He has equipped us for such a time as this. Hold all things loosely but never let Him go. Esteem not the praises of men and do trust in them, but look to Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith. He and He alone is able to fulfill and complete the work that He has begun in you and He will be faithful to do just that. That part is His work, our part is to trust and obey and we will see that there is no other way.

And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. (2Th 2:10-12)

3 Responses to “The post election world for Christians.”

  1. KMH said

    Brother Frank,
    I am 52 and from India with a Christian first name due to our Catholic (Portuguese colony) heritage. My cousins, born a decade after me, all have Muslim first names. My relatives did this so their children could get jobs.
    Christians in the west will not send their children to Christian schools for much longer. It will hurt their chances for jobs (our idol).
    btw I am not saying Christian schools are that great – just stating a fact that their life spans are about over.
    We need the day of visitation when the Lord shows up!!!

    Thank you for your posts! God bless you and your family!

    • appolus said

      Good thoughts sister, I too have a Catholic background. Yes, the Christian school will soon have seen its day and it will actually work against you, unless it is a capitulating compromising school…………………bro Frank

  2. abkeyte said

    I pray often that this is not what we will have to endure, yet at the same time I fear that it is.

    I do not worry so much for myself – God is good and he has blessed me beyond measure. But,
    I do worry about my children and grandchildren because I know they are not walking with the Lord
    as they must to survive such a world. Maybe you have family too who are not quite where they need to be,
    so let’s pray for all of them:

    Father, we hold our children and grandchildren up to you oh Lord and we beseech thee Father that you would
    draw them in to you and to Jesus. Cause them to tremble at your word Lord and to weep when they approach your altar.
    Help them Father, woo them and draw them to you. Open their eyes to see the world for what it is and to see your hand
    upon everything. Instill in them a fire – a holy fire Lord that will consume them and refine them. Make them to shine and
    grow in their knowledge of you and your ways. Help them Father to be able to stand in the day described below and
    to bear up through to the very end. In Jesus’ mighty name we pray! Amen!

    In Him!

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