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This life and all the ages.

Posted by appolus on March 7, 2021

When every golden sunsets
And sunrises melt as one
By the fervent heat of your majesty
And the glory of your Son

There forms a golden ocean
As vast as the skies above
Where ambient waves of worship
Consume us in your love

Oh carry us across this sea
To the horizon and beyond
Make as one as thou art one
In a glorious mystical bond

When sea and sky and heaven too
Collide at the end of the age
May we be found as one with you
Our names written upon your page

This book of life is opened
And the ink is clearly red
Tis from the veins of Emmanuel
From the hands and feet that bled

This life and all the ages
Shall bow down and worship you
A new heaven and new earth are born
They are surely born anew.

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