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Tearing down the altars.

Posted by appolus on September 27, 2020

Gideon was a mighty man of valor. Yet long before he would prove himself on a battle-field he first had to first tear down the altars of his fathers. In order to fulfill the role God has for any of us we must rise up, and go up and tear down the altars, the high places that have been erected for the worship of all things ungodly. A country that raises up an altar on the high places to wickedness shall not stand. Whether it takes one year or five hundred years, it will fall. America raised up a high place of worship, that high place is called abortion. Of all the possible sins that any secular nation can indulge itself in, infanticide will bring that country to its knees.

A culture of death promotes death. The blood of the innocents prime the pumps from the lower depths of hell. And from that gross dark place there pours forth the most vile evil, eventually drowning mankind it its own wickedness. Gideon had to discover from God that he was a mighty man of valor. Then he had to act upon it. God is raising up a generation of Gideons and it begins by tearing down the altars that have been erected to worship ancient evil deities.

Moloch is among them and has been raised up. His flag flies over many of the capitals of the world. Only the light of Christ shining forth from His children can counter the gross darkness that has covered the land. Stand fast saints. For the source of all light is at the door. The prayers from an army of saints marching on its knees will rise up to heavens throne room and God will rend the heavens and come down and in His presence they will stand on that evil day.

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