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The real Supreme Court.

Posted by appolus on September 20, 2020

So this is not to be construed as a political post and I will not indulge anyone in a back and forth over one political party or another. The death of RBG and the timing of it is high octane fuel on an already burning inferno. This country was already being torn apart by division and just when you think it cannot get worse, then it does.

A country under judgement looks something like this. The cries of the innocents shout out from a blood soaked land. The fall out from this death will expose completely the fault lines and the hypocrisies on both sides of the political divide. Make no mistake, the supernatural forces of Moloch will rage. Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.
The Lord gave me a word from Lamentations chapter four last May. One of the most serious words He has ever given me, you can read it below. The issue in Lamentations was the slaughter of the children by the mothers. For years they had worshiped Moloch and when their backs were to the wall and they were under siege, the cooked and ate their own children.

What low state must a people arrive at when they will rejoice at their ability to murder their own children? The world is locked down in a pandemic, fear stalks the streets, violence and divisions of people are at the breaking point. Saints, God is speaking. Everything that can be shaken is being shaken. Draw close to your Lord and know that He is the Master of your soul and no matter what you see unfold, He is in charge.

When the Hebrew children defied the powers that be and declared that no matter what, they would never bow down to the gods of this world, all hell broke loose and in its fury the fires of destruction were intensified seven times. We are entering into that time, the fires of hells fury is just about to be intensified. We must be willing to stand and make the same declaration as the Hebrew children. Even if we die in the fires we shall never bow down to the gods of this world. Stand fast saints.

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