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The true color of the Kingdom.

Posted by appolus on September 17, 2020

The paradoxical realms of the Kingdom utterly confound the creatures of this world. They see a crucifixion and they see defeat. They see someone carry a cross and they turn away. They see hard and brutal circumstances and they shudder. What they do not see is a refining fire in the midst of those circumstances. They do not see the lively stones being shaped, they only see and hear the blow of the hammer on the chisel that cuts deep the stone being shaped.

They are taken up with the pain, being oblivious to the clay being pounded and crushed and formed on the Potters wheel. A sculptors block of stone, a forgers raw material, a pile of ashes, that is all they ever see. They cannot foresee the magnificent statue, they cannot envision the sword, they cannot behold the beauty. A two dimensional world full of people with two dimensional minds with eyes that can only see in black and white.

The Kingdom of God is multidimensional and is festooned in blazing technicolor. We saints are called to walk in this Kingdom and see His hand in everything. See the genesis of His creative power actually creating us in real time. Saint, you are being shaped as you read this. You are His work of art in progress, for His will and for His good pleasure. The child of this world was created in his mothers womb, fashioned and shaped and perfected until the time of his birth.

The saint is being shaped and perfected in the depths of the Fathers heart. A raging furnace of love and mercy and forgiveness and brokenness and a thousand other flaming coals, all contained within grace. You may not always understand saint, but today, remind yourself that you are being shaped BY the hand of the Master and He will complete that which He has begUn in you. You are a work in progress, a work of art unfolding by the hand of God Himself.

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