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Sometimes I forget.

Posted by appolus on September 13, 2020

Sometimes I forget that I am a fighter. Every now and then the gross darkness comes in and I forget who I am for a moment, for a day, for a week. Then I remember. I look back and I remember. I remember battles. I remember being battered black and blue. I see the war torn terrain. I see the smoke and the mist and the darkness and I see the hand that reached down to me. From heaven itself. My God who rules supreme over every battle. My Lord Jesus, tried and true warrior who has rode through every battle and stood right there, back to back. I remember that and as I do the light comes flooding back. The darkness retreats. Don’t forget who you are today saint. Jesus has your back. In Him you are more than a conqueror. You will endure, you will prevail, you will overcome. Somebody need to hear that today. He sees you

One Response to “Sometimes I forget.”

  1. lcbrack said

    Thank you.this word is so encouraging . So simple to understand if we but chose to believe .: )

    This mornings time with Father I realized that the whole Bible is a message from God to look to Him and not to man. Each story tells us of the height and depths of His creation as they go through their lives and how He watches over us all the way and lifts us up when we stumble but turn to Him. He wants our eyes, ears, thoughts and tongue turning to Him as our necessity . Your word this morning confirms that to me. : )

    Blessings, Loy Leslie


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