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America the beautiful

Posted by appolus on May 11, 2020

The Lord gave me this word, a hard word to be sure. My only charge is to deliver it. –

In Lamentations chapter four we see a very different Jerusalem. That once tremendous city, shining like gold above all other cities, is now tarnished and under siege. It is slowly starving and its once proud stones that made up the temple now lay scattered in the streets like common rubble. Zion was about to fall. Impregnable Zion, on the verge of utter ruin. They were surrounded by the world outside in a siege that would only end in its utter ruin. And in the greatest horror of all, the women would cook and eat their own children. There is no lower state in all the world. This was worse than Sodom for Sodom fell in one day, there would be no such luxury for the inhabitants of Jerusalem. The symbols of their God lay ruined and they were about to be devoured by the world. Matthew Henry asks this question of the women in Jerusalem who cooked and ate their own children. This act, was it “the power of necessity, or the power of iniquity.” Such a powerful question, ponder on it for a moment reader.

In a secular sense America was the shining light for the nations. It shone like gold in comparison to old Europe that had grown tired and dim. It took the world’s huddles masses. It gave hope to people from all around the world, like a city set on a hill, it drew them to herself. In two word wars she fought and in the second war she saved civilization itself and the name of God was never far from the lips of her citizens. Now look at America if you dare. Her institutions have been corrupted. Over ninety percent of all the porn in the world spew forth from her bowels. Her merchants and statesmen sold her out to the highest bidders and she became the whore of the world whereby many became rich by her. Yet her greatest iniquity lay with her mothers. Now the question Matthew Henry raised about the mothers of Jerusalem. Was their horrendous act born out of necessity or iniquity? Can I argue that a righteous woman would never cook and eat her own child. Only the hardest iniquitous hearts would ever contemplate such an act never-mind carry it out.

I asked a question recently, a rhetorical one. What is more horrendous, to slaughter an infant in the gas chambers or in their mothers womb? What human being would allow their wombs to be so violated and their child to be so mutilated? A woman, a generation, ripe for judgement. Ripe to be surrounded by the world and put under siege. Ripe to have the stones of their temples torn down and scattered in the streets like rubble only fit to be buried. Sixty five million babies slaughtered and dedicated to the world. A world that would consume them, darken them and ultimately destroy them. Zion was impregnable, yet it fell. America the proud, you will fall. Not like Sodom, not like Gomoragh but you will slowly starve to death. Most definately spiritually, but perhaps even physically. In the history of the world, no nation has sinned to this extent. God has sent His warnings. The towers fell and the cry was not one of repentance, but “we will rebuild.” The whole world has come to a standill and the cry is not one of repentance. From their ministers it is ” soon it will be business as usual for we have not missed a beat.”

The real tragedy we are facing right now in Christendom is a blindness to the need for repentance. The virus that causes this blindness is wilfull ignorance. They choose not to see. Not only no repentance, but a doubling down on wickedness, and most of the world cheers, or peeks out from behind the curtain and says nothing. Our silence is our guilt. The cheers from the world we should expect, the silence from Christendom is a deafening roar. We stay behind our curtains, our walls, as the world spirals downwards. Our highest ambition is to get back to “normal.” God help us. So saints, if you abide in such a place, can you stay there? It is time for the saints of God to step out of the boat, step into the storm, lift your eyes and fix them on Jesus, our soon coming King. Where will He find you when He comes? Behind the walls? Hanging onto the boat for dear life? Shall you not walk upon the water? It is there that you shall find Him, we must go to where He is and leave behind where He is not.

2 Responses to “America the beautiful”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    Brother Frank……This is a powerful word, a word like this is not heard in many pulpits today. I made a comment on one of your articles some time ago, and made the comment that you were a “Good preacher” You replied back that you were not a preacher, but rather a writer. So i am going to rephrase that comment that i made that time, and say that you are a great “writing preacher”. Keep the good word coming brother.

  2. Robert said

    Amen. We are not of the Jerusalem below, but of the heavenly Jerusalem! Powerful word brother. Similar could be said for the UK.

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