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Two kinds of brokenness

Posted by appolus on May 5, 2020

There are two kinds of brokenness. One kind leads you to Jesus, and the other causes you to take up residence before the throne. Many find the first one but not many the second. The first is a desire to be saved and a grasping of the hand that reaches down. The second is an embrace of death, death to self. One encounter with Jesus does not the disciple make, there are nine healed lepers that prove this. Taking up the cross that He provides and walking out the gate never to return is the path that leads to the throne.

It takes many years to know just how narrow the road can become. The promises are made to those who overcome, to those who endure. Not alluring words in the natural, but when driven by eternal love, theses words and the situations they represent are but obstacles to be overcome. We watch the salmon in its incredible journey up the river, back to its place of birth. Nothing will stop it and it will die before it ever gave up. It is driven, as those who walk in the Spirit are driven.

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