A Call To The Remnant

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Posted by appolus on February 29, 2020

The virus will not wipe out a third of mankind but it will shake them and it is part of the birth pangs. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. And just as soon as they get over this, lo the next great shaking begins. In Amos 5:19 we see a man escape from a lion only to be torn to pieces by a bear. Or a man runs into his house for safety and puts his hand on the wall and is bitten by a deadly snake. Who can outrun the judgments of God? Those who ignore Gods judgments are pursued by them. The answer to the problems of the people who worship Moloch( to whom infants were sacrificed) is to seek God and live. They are to abandon their places of polluted worship which in the days of Amos was places like Gilgal and Bethal where the golden calf was also worshiped, the same god made by the Isrealites in the desert when Moses departed from them. Today we are faced by the same issues and the same answers but a very much depleted prophetic calendar. The King is at the door. In Amos five it was said that God hated their solemn assemblies and their feast days, He hated their sacrifices and He would not listen to their worship music. Moloch was in their midst. Rather than righteousness and judgment flowing down our streets like streams of water, we have raging rivers of the blood of the innocents instead.

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love (1Jn 4:18) Much of the world shall be tormented in the coming months, by fear. How shall you stand saint? Shall you run to and fro with the world” Shall you be driven like a wave on the ocean when the fierce winds blow? If you run with the world how can you be the light of the world, a city set on a hill? You must let your light and your love and your peace be seen of men and in that way you shall glorify your Father in heaven. Fear is the opposite of faith, you cannot please your God if you run with the world in fear. God has given us a place to run, we are called to run into His high tower. In Psalm 18:2 we are told that the Lord is our Rock, our fortress and our deliverer, He is our strength in whom we trust. He is my high altar and the light of my salvation, He alone is my high tower. Pestilence and plagues will come but they who abide under the shadow of His wing shall stand in a good place. Let the world see this place and let them see our love and soundness of mind in a day when they are losing theirs.

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  1. Rebecca said

    I was reading Ezekiel 47 … the waters rose from the ankle, to the knee, to the groin and then he could no longer stand because the water had become so deep he would have to swim … a river that could not be crossed. Ezekiel was asked, “Son of man, have you seen this?” Then he was brought back to the bank of the river. Ezekiel did not swim but was carried back. We too are carried on eagles wings and are safe in Christ from the raging present day storms.

    Along both sides of the bank were many trees … the messenger spoke of healing as the river Ezekiel saw will flow into the dead sea to be healed … but there were swamps and marshes would not be healed. The healing water flows from the sanctuary. All kinds of trees will grow there along the bank of this river … leaves that will not wither but will be used for medicine and fruit will be for food. This is the same image given in Revelation 22.

    We are to think on things above … not to be like a ‘Polly Anna’ … but we are to cling to the covenant promises knowing that these things must happen. As they happen we are to plant seeds for the harvest … continue to labor in His vineyard. We are to hold tight to Christ and not be tossed about as we wait for His return. He is alive and interceding for us … He has promised never to leave or forsake us. God is in control and Christ has been given authority over all things. We will not be tested more than we can endure.

    There is coming a day called ‘that day’ … these birth pains are only the beginnings of sorrows. What is so alarming to me is that I have heard ministers calm ‘their’ followers by telling them not to worry “they would soon be raptured out of here.” God has not changed and there is nothing new under the son … the Hebrews endured the first three plagues … the Israelite’s were led into the wilderness … the priests had to first step into a flooding Jordan before it parted … Gideon’s small army was selected by a river of fear … a remnant will prevail in the storms ahead … this remnant will stand out as a beacon of light … even if ‘the fig tree does not blossom.’

    If we trust and if we wait on the Lord He will carry and lead us through to the other side. Isaiah is inspired to write God acts on behalf of those that wait for Him. (64:4) We are to wait for Him … to be strong and courageous. Strong’s 6960: ‘wait’ (qavah) a root meaning to bind together by twisting. I heard a minister explain an analogy of this binding or twisting that could be pictured. He spoke of hair that is not loose blowing in the wind but tightly bound by braiding or what he called plaiting. I could picture the meaning as I thought of how tight a true braid is compared to hair that is let loose on a windy day.

    We must hold tight be bound to and in Christ … His Word … His promises … trusting in Him and the binding of His everlasting covenant with us. “Those that wait for the Lord will gain new strength … they will mount up with wings like eagles … run and not grow tired … walk and not become weary.” (Isaiah 40) So sometimes He carries us like on eagles wings … sometimes we run quickly through a trial to the other side but at other times we slowly walk through the valley … all the while He is by our side.

    If there is fallow ground it is time to break it up … we must plant seeds for the harvest. This is the word of the Lord. My prayer is through the days ahead the sleeping church will wake up … will cry out to the Father so He will come and rain righteousness on all. I am divided in my cries to the Father … I cry Maranatha and then I cry please wait … there are so many lost … good people who believe the lies … others where natural affection for their own is lost … tech toys replacing relationships … spiritual darkness covers this country … no the world. We all see it to weep.

    My prayer is that the called out ones rise up in the midst of it all … to stand and endure … to be His voice in this wilderness place. This is my heart … that the lost come to Him through our witness of Truth whether by words or by the image of our lives walked out in front of them. I pray for joy in the midst of sorrows. I pray when Jesus returns He will indeed find faith.

    • appolus said

      That is a good word sister, I say amen to that…………………….bro Frank

    • Lisa said

      Great post. I used to believe in a rapture but no longer because of how Jesus suffered so we to must suffer also. I didn’t want to sound harsh but I’m hearing of church buildings being closed because of this virus and I almost am glad because maybe it will draw somebody closer to him and people will have to learn how to really trust and depend on God outside the four walls. I also thought of something else that there’s a bigger epidemic going on and it’s called “SIN”. I pray people will repent and change their lives

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