A Call To The Remnant

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Encountering God

Posted by appolus on February 26, 2020

Unless there has been an encounter with God how can there be a fear of the Lord? It is, for the most part, those who have never encountered God that do not fear Him. Even in the Word when people encountered angels they fell down like one who was dead, never mind encountering God. Isaiah felt that he was “undone,” as he stood before the Lord. The word “undone,” in the Greek is dawmaw which means to be cut down, to be destroyed, to utterly perish and at a very minimum, to be brought to silence.

There is a direct correlation between the proper fear of God and proximity to God. The greater the revelation of God in our lives the more we fear Him in a proper way. He is high and lifted up and His glory fills the temple. It fills every part of who we are to overflowing with awe and wonder and reverence. Our heads are bowed, our mouths are shut and our trembling hands are raised in submission and surrender to something so utterly otherworldly that it beggers the mind and transforms the spirit and leaves us changed and wanting to be changed even more.

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